An interesting walk!!

Miss Wannabe really liked to take a walk from time to time. It could be any place, even fantastical ones: a giant castle, a small village, even in space!! Anything was a good option for her!!
Of course, she had her preferences: her favourite was a giant palace, and the second favourite, was a garden, filled with roses and many kinds of plants. The weather there was cloudy and there wasn't much light, but it was still a great place!!
She decided to take a walk there, as usual. She couldn't stop admiring the beauty of this garden. But it wasn't only that: this garden was made a few days after she was made. And for the same reason!! It was a reaction, like her!!
As she continued walking, her expression was turned from calm, to shocked. Next to one of the old, wooden doors, was a girl laying down. Her clothes and her hair, were covered with dirt. She didn't seem like she was conscious.
Miss Wannabe didn't know what to do. She really wanted to help, but there were certain things that hold her back. Eventually, she decided to ignore them, she grabbed her, and she brought her inside her house.
While she was unconscious, she decided to see what has holding her back... The girl had short black hair, a black coat, black jeans, and two long black boots.
She pretty much had everything in her appearance to unsettle her. He knew a guy with the sane appearance, who wasn't the best guy...
But at the same time... She didn't look like a bad person. Her face seemed familiar... In fact, REALLY familiar!! So familiar, that you could say that they were the same person!! Strange!!
Eventually, the girl came back to her senses. She opened her eyes. Two red eyes were now looking at her. Another feature that she didn't like... But she couldn't say that out loud."Are you feeling ok??" She asked.
The girl was confused. "Wh- What?? ... What is going on??" she said quietly. This would take some time. "I found you laying down, and you didn't seem like you were feeling well, so I decided to take you, until you feel better!!"
The conversation lasted for a while. In the end, she seemed to understand. "Well, why don't you go to take a bath, while I cook some food?? You can eat, and then I can guide you back to your home!!"
"Ah, yes, right... Home!!" What a weird reply!! "Anyway!!" She continued. She took off something from her eyes. Contact lenses!! So she didn't have red eyes!! She had blue, but she wore contact lenses!! That was interesting...
Everything seemed to be normal for a while. She cooked some food, took some clean clothes, and then they ate together. But the girl seemed to be... lost.
"Is everything alright??" she asked. "Well, I was talking a bath... And I saw this..."
She showed a message written in her back. It said "I am the saviour and communicator of god!! What is YOUR speciality??". "I... I don't know why it's there... I can't remember writing this, but I can see that this is my handwriting!!" she got shocked for a moment "What- What have I done?? I- I must be a bad person!! I hardly remember, but- but-" Her breath got shorter, and she started panicking.
"It's okay" Miss Wannabe replied. "It's fine!! Well, you can start with something simple. Like... What's your name??" she asked.
"My name... my name is-" She suddenly froze, she must have remembered something. "No, not my name!! Not that!!" she seemed to get really anxious. "No... NO!! Not that!!"
Well, the situation, didn't seem to be appropriate for questions. "It's alright, if you don't wanna tell me, it's fine" she said.
"Well... there is one thing I can say... I- I wasn't a good person!! It freaks me out!!" she covered her head, the memories should be awful!!
It might be better, if she tried to calm her down, now it's not the time for pressuring her.
- It's okay, it might not be the best time now, we can try again later!! You can stay here for now, until you have your memory back!!
- You... you possibly have a dangerous person at your house... And you are fine with that??
- Well, it should be wrong if I wouldn't help you!! Besides, it's my duty to help people like you!!
"It's my duty to help people like you...." she said again quietly.