The network

Welcome to the network!! It's been a while since you first came here... I mean... You haven't really gone anywhere since you were forced to come in!!
Things are pretty much the same each day... Everything is dark making it hard for you to see... There are no lights, no candles, or any source of light really!! The sky is pitch black, with the exception of the loud thunders, lighting up the sky, creating thousands of voltages!! That's how this place is operating after all!! Through the voltages!!
Your whole body is entangled in wires!! So many wires... All of them, taking the electricity from the outside and bringing it straight into your body!! Every time a lighting strikes, you can feel it!! Sometimes very little, but sometimes a lot, causing you extreme amounts of pain!! You've tried to tell other people, but none seemed to care!! They couldn't see the wires... They couldn't sense the pain... And those few who saw them didn't know what to do about it!! They either told you to find someone else to do something about it, or just wait until the thunders stop!! Eventually one person told you what their purpose was: To protect you!!
You didn't understand what that meant: How is any of this supposed to protect you?? How are those heavy wires taking your ability to move helpful?? How is the electricity going straight into your brain helping in any way?? How is all this pain doing anything?? Can nobody hear you scream?? But you are screaming on top of your lungs, how isn't anyone listening?? You keep screaming until the pain tells you to keep quiet again, how come none noticed it??
The days in this electric womb keep passing... You can't tell if you've been here for days, weeks or even months!! How long has it been?? Nobody is checking up on you to tell you the time... Only the person who runs this place keeps opening slightly the door to bring you some food but that was it!! You don't know who he is, the only thing you know is that he doesn't want you to die... For some reason... He doesn't want you to perish... Yet!!
You keep hearing him from time to time!! You've heard him scream, cry, vomit, faint, or even him scratching obsessively the floor, you've heard quite a lot of things!! Is he stressed from being in this place too?? It can't be, he was the one that dragged you here in the first place!! He was the one who created it!! This place was made for YOU, and you are forced to stay in it!! So what's that whole stress all about??
You've tried everything!! You've tried to cut and pull the wires, but they keep getting tighter and tighter around your body!! You've tried to send signals to other people asking for help, but nobody seems to respond!! Hell, you've even tried to pretend that you're dead or fawn, hoping that he would finally get those wires out of your body!! But nothing seems to work, not even a single thing!!
So that's why you wanna escape!! If you get out of this place, someone will see the wires and cut them from your body!! There must be someone out there who's willing to cut them... Yeah, that's it, that's what you're gonna do, attempt to escape!! When he isn't looking, you're gonna run with all your might and try to get out!! You've been fantasising and planning about this for a long time!! That's what you're gonna do, you're gonna escape!! Nothing is holding you back now!!

But wait!

After countless attempts of escaping again and again, he noticed your attempts to leave and that saddened him. He doesn't wanna do harm. Maybe he wants to help somehow. He needs your own understanding and compassion though. Will you help him? Maybe through that you'll be able to escape together!!!

Days until the next escape attempt: