UPDATE: I now added truth bullets to show how mad something makes me, because I can!!
Annoyance!! Slight Annoyance
Dislike!! Dislike
Hate!! Hate
NO!! Even mentioning it pisses me!!


Hate!!The "gratitude is the key" people Hate!!

Trust me, I KNOW that appreciating the small stuff around you helps, BUT, I need you guys to understand that it's not the thing that solves everything!!
"Oh, you haven't tried it!!" Really?? Are we gonna play that game again?? Alright then...
I love the generation I'm in!! I got 2000s as my childhood, and 2020 in my teen years, which is the perfect timing!!
I also love that right now I'm visiting a person that I like, and I can relax and swim in the sea this week!! I just love it!!
I also love the fact that it's sunny!! Even if it was raining though, I would still like it, because rain = nice food and staying in bed chilling!!
I can go on and on about saying stuff like these, but guess what!! I still feel like shit at times!! I need you guys to understand that I can really show gratitude and appreciate the small stuff... It's just that there will STILL be times when I'll hate everything!!

Hate!!The color scheme and style of this page!!Hate!!

No really though, what the hell are you doing self?? Why are you being unoriginal, AND you end up being cringey?? Wannabe edgelord, get outta here!!

NO!!"Oh shi-, look at her shirt!!"NO!!

Literally, I was just out for a walk yesterday, with my nice Danganronpa shirt... And there was A DUDE who SAW ME, and just looked at the others, and POINTED at me SARCASTICALLY!! Not only that, they all tried to see it later, passing in front of me, while smiling like jerks!!
Oh my god, didn't anyone tell you not to stare at people?? It makes me super uncomfortable, and I end up not enjoying the rest of my walk, because I believe that now all people will do that too!!
Just... Don't do it, it's creepy, it's annoying, it's frustrating, it makes you look like a dick, and in general, it doesn't contribute to anything!!
And also... If you did all this, because you thought that I didn't saw you, because I looked zoned out, I have some news for you...
I can hear you!!
Also peripheral vision, like, come on...


The fact that everytime I wanna type something in here, I have to leave my phone aside, and start acting out the whole scene... It's just annoying, I mean come on!!
No chief, I can't control it!!


Dislike!! This update!!Dislike!!

Why can't the truth bullets look like truth bullets, and not like Ds?? I'm too bored to make my own, but I guess I must do them!!
(Come on!!)

Hate!!When life hates me!!Hate!!

Even though things are indeed getting better, I'm still pissed when life decides to take people away from me!!
This happened so many times, that I actually believe that someone is doing a joke on me, I'm not kidding!!

Hate!!When the selecting cursor glitches!! (If I said it right...)Hate!!

I'm not talking about Neocities, I'm talking generally!! You know, when it doesn't select what you want, or it just unselects something that you spent SO MUCH TIME selecting... Or when its popup is just there, serving no purpose...
I hate it!!


Hate!!Putting your dirty feet, in some clean surface!!Hate!!

I saw someone to put their feet with an unholy amount of sand on their deck chair, on the beach yesterday...

Why is this allowed??

No, really, why is this allowed, it should be punished by the law!!!!

Hate!!A certain type of touristsHate!!

Look, I don't hate tourists, I believe that they can help with the economy of a country, they can make it more famous, and all that...
... but there are these people who just come here for a beach, and that was it!! Not a care in the world where they're going, they just want a beach, some clubs, and a name, just to say "oh, I went there!!"
Call me annoying and a snowflake, but wow!! When I go to other countries, at least I try to see their culture and visit some museums!!
This also applies to people who wanna go to Japan, because it's "Animeland"!!
Like wow, these people are just unoriginal, with no opinion, have no personality, and they overall stereotype Japan!! Fun fact from people there is that, they're not as happy as you believe they are!! Just have that in mind!!



Why do they exist?? Just why??
It's literally just one girl there doing whatever unholy sound, like damn, if you wanna get wrecked just-
*Someone's salty :D*
Like, no!! Please!!
And then they are the creepy ones, that just... Look, they might have good intentions, but I feel more unsettled than relaxed!!
And then there are the ones that there's someone eating... Oh, ah, ew, my god, no!! Bleh!!
If ASMR is hell, this category is the last stage!! That, or the h**ny girls...
"But there must be at least ONE category you like, right??" Well, nature sounds and some kinds of white noise are good!!
But to me, the best are the parodies!! They just show how crappy ASMR is...


NO!! The fact that two of Asobu's works are missing!!NO!!

I decided to go and check out something, and two results were missing!!!!!!!
Like why?? Who deletes 4 y/o old posts, and FOR WHAT REASON??
Like, yes, your art is problematic, some stuff were weird, and your disclaimer is in a language I don't understand, BUT!!
You are also the one who made me get motivated and inspired, I loved what you drew so much, and it made me feel much better... It actually made me feel in the first place!!
Man, I'm gonna start archiving!! What if everything disappears?? Oh my god, no!! Please!!
Ah, what should I do, what should I do??
Update (31/7/2021): Wow, I really lost it here... Sorry if I sounded like a creepy obsessive fan, but I did not expect that... Well, everything seems back up now, so all this was for nothing... Wow!!
Glitches do be annoying!!


Hate!! When REAPER doesn't wanna do its job!!Hate!!

Like really, I'm trying to make some breakcore, all motivated and ACTUALLY determined to make something... AND EVERY SINGLE PLUGIN IN IT IS GONE!!
And I'm thinking "Well, I'll just download them again!!" No, nothing, nada!! Like, why??
I had some little motivation to make some music, why do you have to crush my dreams like that??
But again, like is a joke, what did I expect??

Hate!! Overcooked food!!Hate!!

Like, really, the instructions say "20 minutes"!! That means 20 minutes!! I don't care if you usually make it 45, it says 20!!
"But it's still white" "It must get all the juices put"!!
Yeah, maybe because it's supposed to be like that?? Like... No wonder why most of the meat I eat from there is like a tasteless sole!!
*heavy breathing*
"Pasta... With water..."
All of you who leave that little amount of water with the pasta.... I can't, I'm sorry, I can't!!

Hate!! Messy houses!!Hate!!

Look, my room is kinda messy too, and I can't have it super neat all the time, especially my bed, because it feels unnatural!!
But then again, some people have no shame: like... Ugh, I can't describe!! Literally no shame!! At least mine has a level...
And I know that some people can't clean and stuff, but these people just don't want to!! They're just lazy!!
Like, I know that it doesn't matter, but wow!!

Hate!! Lack of hygiene!!Hate!!

I'm gonna say it right now, if you smell, I don't wanna interact with you!! At all!! A little smell is fine, I get that, but if you smell like a cesspool... No!!
I will never forget the time I was in a bakery, and someone walked in... Oh god!!
I can still... No, I can't, my brain couldn't handle it!!

Hate!! People without any matters!!Hate!!

*heavy breathing*
"You who burb and fart out loud... You who eat with your mouth open... All of you who don't know matters... Away!!"

Hate!! The other side of the spectrum!!Hate!!

"Oh, you don't take a shower everyday, and you wipe instead of cleaning with water, you must be smelly and disgusting, ew!!"
Not the whole world is America!! People can take showers day by day, instead of every single day like you!! And guess what!! I still smell pretty good!!
I just don't get these people...


Hate!! When people try to tell me to be a better person!!Hate!!

I'm gonna be clear: YOU are not gonna tell ME, how to contribute to society!! In fact, I believe that I do better than most people!!
And this started by someone saying "Oh, you should be a kinder person, and donate to charity!!"
I actually give these people my clothes, my food, and my compassion!! My parents really like helping people in need out, so there are times when they must leave from the house, for cases like these... So it's not a "parents fault"!!
Also... Climate change!! Another thing that people believe that I don't do anything about!! Like, I recycle, I save energy, like what else do you want??
And that's why we don't try to please everyone, people!!

NO!! Saying that "being an empath/HSP is a gift, and-!!"NO!!

I so badly wanna go find who started this, amd just start lecturing them!! Like... If people genuinely believe this... They either achieved inner peace, or they think something I don't know!!
Because being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), SUCKS!! Because of it, I get overstimulated every 5 seconds, and sometimes I don't even wanna leave the house because of that!! Not only that, but I can't feel like a normal person, everything has to be so DEEP!!
As for empathy... I hate it passionately!! There are SO MANY times, when I'm genuinely confused on if I'm feeling my own emotions, or it's from someone else...
Also, when someone is angry... I physically CANNOT not be angry!! Not only that, but I have to be 10 TIMES MORE, because... HSP, UwU!!
And that makes me say "I have never hated myself so passionately for anything other than this!! And I hate myself for a lot of things!!"


NO!! "I hate white/cis/neurotypical people!! Ugh!!" NO!!

(Please read this in a snob voice, just do it!!)
Awwwwww, someone's mad!! :D
Sorry hun for having a better life than you, and just being better than you in every level!! ^^
(I don't hate the LGBT/neurodivergent community, and I'm not racist, I just can't stand the snowflakes who want drama!!)
No seriously, like, you all want "peace and equality", yet you all act like little snowflakes!! That's why you guys don't achieve shit!! If someone is being mean to you, do the technique that I went to another dimension to master: IGNORE!!
No really!!

That's why I don't like the way people try to wipe out inequality: you guys try to bring yourselves up!! That's a wrong approach to my eyes!! You should normalise instead!! Like, we tried the other technique... And now the world is full of radfems, who refuse to have a reality check!!

Well, if we are going that way... If you are right handed, or have brown eyes... Leave!! Sorry, you're normal, I only want the weirdos!! 💅💅💅💅💆💆
But really, if you can't handle me believing in reverse racism... Leave!! For real!! The door is that way!! Leave and never come back!!



Here it is, ladies and gentlemen!! The rant you've been waiting for!! Everyone gets exposed today, and I don't feel bad about it!! AT ALL!! Because for real, the plural community is AAAAaaaaAAAAaaaass-!!
Now, I wanna say that this will obviously be long, (and with some insults... That's how angry I got writing it!!) and to those who'll say "oh, you're a singlet, you just don't get it!!"... Plural tulpamancer, with 13 tulpas, now stfu!! I said everyone gets exposed today, even if that means exposing myself!!
(Btw, that's why I was being weird about this, I wanted to see if it was a good idea to make this, or if I would get hated for being a tulpamancer!! But, I like glitchcore and pink stuff, most people here don't, but we still get along, so I believe that I can trust you with this!!)
Anyway, here we go:


I'm gonna admit that the community is actually pretty welcoming!! It doesn't matter how your system works, everyone is different!!
... But that's the problem!!
Because of that, I see posts like "I'm learning Japanese, so I can speak with my headmate" "My friend's headmates came in the headspace today" "My headmate knows sign language" which are total bs, because *inhales and pulls out megaphone* IF THE BODY CAN'T DO IT, NEITHER CAN THE HEADMATES!!
This is why people don't take us seriously!! When you say that you can systemhop, and trade your headmates like Pokémon cards, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY??
Also... You have no idea how many "undiagnosed systems" I've seen!! Idc, if you agree with this, THAT'S WRONG!!
Also many believe that you can have DID without trauma.... Yeah!!


So yesterday I decided to make my own plural flag, because the one existing is made from a not-so-great person, and because everyone is making their own, which means that if my creative self wants to make it, it must make it!!
I decided to try and include every type of system, so that everyone feels included!! So I decided to search them in the wiki-
...These people are BEGGING to get shitted on!!
So apparently you can be plural from anxiety, depression, the weather, magic, the void... or nothing!! Just nothing!!
Yeah, I guess I'm cartoongenic now!! Made it up, it's valid!!
But, seriously, wtf?? Why these people TRYING to get hated?? For what reason??
BUT, I'm gonna give this a pass, because the LGBT wiki is the same... I literally saw somnisexual and Ishimondic (now probably deleted) there, so I must give this a pass!! I like to think that they're just there, without being valid!!
(btw, exotrauma ain't a thing!! Yes, you might be able to have trauma from your source, but passing it as traumagenic is a dick move!! And if you believe that you have introjects of your kintypes... Fuck you in particular, because otherkin try their best to say that your kintype is YOU, NOT SEPARATE FROM YOU!! If you genuinely believe in introjects of kintypes, you're doing something wrong!!)

Hate Reddits

(Oh fuck, I admitted that I was on Reddit... *nervous Taka picture* Well, shit!!)
Well, as you know, if this Reddit exists, some cringe ones will exist as well!! r/systemscringe, r/fakedisorderedcringe, you know, all that!!
In the beginning I was kinda agreeing with these people, until the point when they believe tulpamancers are rasist, and tulpas are imaginary friends... Well, actually thank god I started disagreeing, because I could see that these sometimes hate on systems with actual DID as well, and there's a lot of fakeclaiming instead of "yeah, that's cringe!! Let's laugh now!!" Also, you can't change their minds, and they won't discuss things with you without being a baby!!
But still, this thing exists!! And oh my, oh my what do you believe the plural community reacted to this?? They did not like it!! At all!!
I'm not saying that you should like it, but these people just CAN'T and I mean CAN'T laugh at themselves!! Which for real, if you can't laugh at yourself, maybe you should work on it!!
Me for example!! Every single tulpa that I have looks like Taka!! I did this, because I spend hours daydreaming his face, so that means that having him as a base would be easier, because I could tulpaforce better, I wouldn't have 5 hours choosing a form that isn't even permanent, and I already have pictures, so I don't have to draw my own!!
Why am I saying this?? Because if I wouldn't explain why every tulpa looks like him, YOU WOULD FIND IT CRINGE!! Even now, I bet that you laugh at this, AND THAT'S OKAY!! I laugh at it, my tulpas laugh at it, we all laugh at it!! And that's because we can laugh at ourselves!!

Victim mentality

Imo, most of the community is just crybabies!! Because of the hate subbreddits, everyone is feeling like they're always gonna be made fun of, and post about how these people ruined their lives...
...and they do nothing about it!! (Btw, that's their whole personality!! "Someone made fun of me, boohoo!!")
Like, do something!! First of all, they're not out there to get you, and if they were... There's a great technique called "stop posting", that researchers say that works every time!! Just stop posting, and delete the cringe!! When I left Reddit, I actually deleted everything, just incase someone runs out of cringe and wants to find my stuff... It's not that hard to do it you know!!
Also, I once made some rants!! Everything was fine, until I mentioned that it's their fault as well!! Oh no, I hurt their poor little soul, aaww, poor thing... OH SHUT THE HELL UP!!
For context, I said that if you guys keep glamorising plurality, making it look cool, while implying that being a singlet is bad (we'll get there!!) then it's your fault as well!!
You know it's funny when a "undiagnosed system" tries to correct you...
*inhales* Boy, why do you think that fakers exist??

Constant ass kissing

So if you're like me, you want every system to feel like you can offer them a safe space, and a place for people to discuss things... Well, some singlets want to help systems too!!
I've seen posts of people asking on how they can be plural-friendly... And people well like "do this, do that!!" I'm 100% sure that they try to manipulate these people into thinking that they are the victims, and that they must listen to them, otherwise they are "pluralphobic" "sysmeds" "stupid singlets"
Also... "We are not different personality states, we're different people!!" This for some reason pisses me off, and I can't pinpoint where...

"Fuck singlets!!"

Well, because our dear friends have the victim mentality so up their ass, they believe that they can hate on people for existing!! "I hate singlets, they are responsible for my trauma!!" "Are you okay son??""Singlets exist!!" (Btw, that meme, not only is not funny, but half of the means were just plain crappy!!) "Singlets be like:"
Alright, so because I have beef with endogenics (because most of the people there were endogenic, so it left a bad first impression), it's okay for me to go to the one half endogenic follower I have and tell light "Sorry, but you existing is cringe!! Fucking endo!!". So that's alright from you!! Oh, I can't?? What because it's a system??
Like I said, if you unironically use words such as "white" "man" "neurotypical" in a degrading manner, first of all, get a hobby, second of all, the door is that way, now get out of this website!!

"I want Pokémon cards!!"

I kept this for the end, because it makes me so mad, I wanna punch something!!
Well, according to these people, they don't romanticise plurality or market it as cool...
... But there posts like "I want headmates" "How do I get headmates" "Creating headmates willingly" and the answer is always "tulpamancy" "try tulpamancy"!! Yeah, CLEARLY not romanticising plurality!!
Btw, if you want headmates, because you want headmates... Pray that I won't find you, because IF I DO I'LL {yo chill}!!
I'm sorry, but I CAN'T STAND when the tulpa community is like "please remember that you are creating sentient beings" "choose wisely" "tulpas are not toys, they are (almost) permanent, and they have feelings" and me spending YEARS doing my research, waiting to be more mature, and be sure that I made the right choice...
*slaps forehead from anger*
*grabs noodles so that I'll calm down*
Did you notice that I said tulpas are "almost" permanent?? Well, there's a way to get rid of the tulpa... by killing it through a process distressing for both parties, but especially for the tulpa (because it's FUCKING DYING SLOWLY!!)
I made my tulpas as a last resort, and as a cry for help!! I couldn't stand the loneliness, and everything seemed so awful for me!! I did this, because I needed someone to talk to!! In fact, most people create tulpas from the need of having someone there for you!!
So when I see this, I KNOW that these people are NOT responsible!! Because yes, having a happy headmate that helps you deal with things is cool... Until one day, something happens to them and can't recover since!! Speaking from experience btw!! And I KNOW that for most of these people, when a problem will arise, they're gonna kill the fucking thing!!
"But it's nice to have people with fun little quirky backstories like these, because-"

So, that was it!! I honestly was really angry with this, ngl. That's why I left the community, and I don't know if I'll go back!! Because every place on the internet is pretty much the same, so the problems are everywhere!! Neocities seems nice though... Maybe do something here?? Well... Idk!!

I actually liked this!! You know what, next time I should probably make a rant on Danganronpa YouTubers, with a special place for Aeris Akamatsu!! Oh yeah, now that I started, I want to keep going...


Hate!!Aeris AkamatsuHate!!

What a better way to celebrate this day than writing an angry essay??
Well, let's talk about the Danganronpa community!! The lovely shippers, the whiners, the people who start drama, the DID fakers... Ah, what a lovely community!!
But what about YouTube, what about the content?? Well, we have the editor, the 12 y/o, the p€d°ph1l€, the whiney asshole... Hmm, the whiney asshole!!

Aeris Akamatsu

Aeris Akamatsu!! The asshole that is popular among the 10 y/o in the community!! They are (obviously), non-binary, and they have a channel wit 31,6k subs... I guess that's popular!! Well, they make random memes, livestreams, and stuff like these... I don't know what else to add here...

"I'm oppwessed, UwU!!"

This person is the reason why the straight people accept the LGBT in such a slooooooow way!! Because people like them that believe that being non-binary excuses being a shitty person!! Another one who uses the word "cishets" in a bad way, and literally can't stand it when people misgender them (note, literally half the time they wear dresses, are an AFAB, and said themselves they are acting feminine, so uh... IT SHOULD BE EXPECTED??), and cry like a baby about it!!
You know it's funny, when a literal p3d. can handle this better than you!!


The fandom is really infamous for its headcannoning problem, and if that problem was a person, it would be them!!
Last year, they were making sexuality headcannon community posts. Nothing wrong with that, I see nothing wrong here!! The problem is that they force them down people's throats, and they pass them as canon!! Now that's annoying!! Especially when they keep doing it, people get annoyed, and then they go "Wuaaah, people are harassing me!!" This person literally doesn't know what harassment and gaslight is, and they just toss it around for pity points!!

Their channel

The quality of their channel is garbage!! Most of the time, I don't say it like that, but their channel is garbage!!
Like I said, they make memes, livestreams, and things like that!! Now, the memes!! Low quality TTS crap!! Now, I wouldn't judge that much, but... Do you know these Parappa memes that circle the internet now?? They made a Danganronpa version of them!! The different endings meme?? They made that too!! That meme where every Danganronpa character says their names, but quickly became annoying?? They made it!!
Okay, but what about the livestreams?? They mostly play games, and shit like that, I don't care!!
The other videos?? Well, they're either character analysis videos, or things like "trans allegory in Barbie??" "SaiMatsu confirmed??" I don't care...
Have you realised that I don't care?? Well, you must also theorise now that I haven't seen many videos of theirs!! That's true!! Why?? Because their content is so BORING and FORGETTABLE, that I don't care!! It doesn't even make me wanna click it, it's BORING!!

OSDD Cringe

Yes, you've read that right!! ANOTHER faker!! This time though, it's OSDD!!
So, because DID is very common, they decided to self diagnose with OSDD1-b (because of course!!) They said that they are "unstable" and that they "changed personalities in different situations/when stressed"
(You're being degraded by a tulpamancer, you should be embarrassed!!)
But okay, let's say they have it!! So, who are their alters?? Well, they haven't said much, and honestly props to them for not circling the entire channel with them switching and being cringe, good for them, I recognise it!!
Well, they recently posted a video of every Danganronpa character saying their names, but only the ones that exist in their system is shown!! I would link it, but I don't want to give views, so let me list them for you:
Sayaka Maizono, Mukuro Ikusaba, Leon Kuwata, Mondo Owada, Celestia Ludenberg, Aoi Asahina, Toko Fukawa, Kyoko Kirigiri, Junko Enoshima, Akane Owari, Fuyuhiko Kuzuriu, Hiyoko Saionji, Mahiru Koizumi, Mikan Tsumiki (NOOOOOOOOOO, MY VENT CHARACTER!!), Peko Pekoyama, Kaede Akamatsu, Shuichi Saihara, Hiniko Yumeno, Kirumi Tojo, Tenko Chabashira, Tsumugi Shirogane, Angie Yonaga, Kockchi Oma, Miu Iruma, Ryoma Hoshi, Maki Harukawa and Rantaro Amami!!
Which sums up to a total of 27 alters!! Which fun fact, they said they have a little more than 25, so that video exposed them!! I honestly expected it to be more predictable than it was (it still was predictable, like, why no annoying hall monitor, why no fat fanfic creator, why only cool characters, huh??), so points to that as well!!
The video description is also cringe, because "singlets cringe" and shit we hear from DissociaDID "please give me money, I need money to live, I will literally upload anything for the revenue!!"
Hun, you might be endogenic at best, there's no way this is actual OSDD!!
So that was it, I have nothing else to add!! A shitty person, with a shitty personality, a shitty channel, existing on the internet!! This place gets a little more annoying when someone like this gets access to the internet!!