Experiment Subject!!

There was a hallway!! Not necessarily dark, there wasn't just enough light!! It seemed that it was white, with some lights in the ceiling, and it was... clean!! Not just clean like most people do, but abnormally clean!! You could smell chlorine and alcohol in there!! So weird!!
Someone was walking down this hallway!! If someone could see that person, they would say that it was most likely male, around the age of... 16?? 17??
His clothes were also... interesting... He was wearing for what it seemed to be a school uniform!! But it was more millitary-like and half of it was white, the other half was black!! So weird!! And not only that, his ribbon around him too!! There was something written on it, with big black letters, but the light wasn't enough to understand what it said...
The figure reached a door!! It was leading towards a room full of computers, and random screens!! He opened it saying "SO HOW IS THE PROGRESS GOING, PEASANTS??" in a kinda degrading tone!! How strange!!
What was more strange though it was that everyone in the room was the same!! They all had the same clothes, same face, same everything!! The only differences were they facial expressions and current mood!!
None seemed to really care for the guy, they all ignored him!! Finally after some time though, one of them turned around and said: "Nothing really happened, we are still examining the girl!! Nothing seems to be happening yet..."
This one was wearing glasses and was holding a black folder stuffed with papers!! He opened it: "most results seem to be positive: in the creative test, the intelligence test, the physical health test..."
It was like that for some time!! Eventually another spoke!! This one had mushrooms on his head: "isn't it unfortunate?? This girl was probably having a nice day and we just took her away!! The despair that she must felt.." He sniffed!! But none really seemed to care...
The one with the ribbon replied: "Indeed, but let's not forget the abilities she possesses!! We need her to understand the capacities of the human mind!! Besides, she loves us!!"
A minute passed to get a reply: "She what??"
"I said, she loves us, she sees us as comfort characters or something!! She adores us!! Everything is fine!!"
Another minute of silence passed...

Meanwhile, at the other side of the screen, inside a white cell, was a girl half asleep!! Or maybe... Half numb!!
After some time, she seemed to be fully awake:"uuugghhh... ow!! My head!!" she said!!
She took a look around!! Everything was white, even her bed, even the door!! A door...
Back in the computer room everyone was there chatting: "I really don't get why we are all just caring for some girl, she doesn't even seems to care if you guys exist!!" This guy didn't have any fancy accessory!! Or anything at all, he was just there, plain bored with everyone and everything!!
"Don't be so mean, of course she does!!" "You are right, for some depressed dude like you, she does!!"
The conversation was getting more intense: "Hey, cut it out, just because you are bored with your life doesn't mean you have to let everything out on me!!" "Clear pitiful talk from someone like you!!"
After that, the one with the glasses tried to separate them: "Hey you are a bit rude, aren't ya??" This didn't end well: "Of course Mister Smart guy!! You have to fix everything!!"
And after that, the three of them started fighting!! It didn't seem like was going to end...
There was another one on the corner!! He was just lost in thought starring blankly at the screen!! Until...
He somehow ended the fight, when his hair turned white, his eyes let out a red aura, and he stared at the screen!! He started laughing: "You idiots, you can't even look at a screen, y'all douchebags!! HAHAHAHA!!"
At that moment timed seemed to freeze!! They all stared at nowhere!! The girl escaped!!
"You have to find her, you peasants!! And hurry up!! NOW!!"
"No, wait!!" there was one from the back!! He fixed his glasses!! "Let her be!! Now we can start breaking down her way of thinking!!" he said...