Oh my god, this person is a freaking crybaby!! Like, they're SO ANNOYING!! Like, all they do do, is cry and cry and cry!! Like, the hell am I supposed to do to you, why are you crying, just shut up!!
Not only that, but nothing seems to stop them, it's annoying!! I've yelled at them, I've threw punches at them, I've ignored them... Even now, I'm currently ignoring them, I just locked them up in a room, so that I wouldn't hear them, but THEY WON'T STOP!! OH MY GOD, THEY'RE GETTING ON MY NERVES, JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!
Yes, I know that you have to be compassionate, but after a while, you have to understand that compassion is just not the way!! Like, I they're like a baby, ffs, just shut up!!
My fault that they have to understand that what they do is pointless?? What they're feeling is pointless, so why wasting all that energy on something so pathetic?? You're just wasting energy, I can't show empathy towards someone who is willingly wasting their energy and time on something so worthless!!
Just shut up, nobody wants to hear your stupid shit anyways!!

Because I don't wanna be seen as a dangerous person, reminder that this is just a rant, I did and do not have hurt anyone mentioned here...