"Hope you all have a great time!! Have a great day, and a great night!!"
The audience got excited!! They got up from the seats, and started clapping their hands!! They liked today's show, from their favourite actress!! Everyday, they were waiting for her!! Because everyday, there was a new act, with a mystery theme. What would they see?? Action?? Comedy?? Romance?? She could do everything, she had no problem with that!!
Their favourite actress!! Me!! I was actually praised, and I liked it...
But now, I was done, for today!! The imaginary audience had to wait for tomorrow!!
I came back on my real world, and I found myself laying on my bed. I was just laying down. Nothing happening, just that!!
I decided to grab my phone, and check out something. Yesterday, I found that some of my favourite pictures were missing!! Fortunately, today everything was there!! I decided to look around a bit.
In the beginning everything was nice. Then I saw something unexpected!! "A-" That was the sound I made!! No a "Aaahhh!!", not a "aH!!" Just "A-"
In the beginning I felt weird from what I saw, and I started laughing nervously. But then, I started laughing because I found the sound that I made funny!! It was honestly really nice, that I just kept laughing.
"Oh nice, do it again!!"
"Cool, do it again!!"
"Ah, so funny, do it again!!"
I felt like it was a real laugh, not one of my made up ones. I could actually feel it coming from inside, like I actually felt like this!!
I found this so weird. Most of the time, I fake my smiles and my laughs. Not because I feel dead inside or anything. I just do it for acting!!
It was really interesting. It reminded me of the girl from "You and me and her" that didn't feel much. But still, there would be times when she would smile, and she would get genuinely confused about it.
That's how I felt now. Confused!! Maybe someone's ghost got inside me and let some feelings??
I decided to look myself in the mirror. Nit quite how I remember myself... Longer hair, darker skin, and different face shape!! Wow, I actually forgot how I look like!! How long have I been inside my head??
At one point, I saw my reflection staring back at me. "Ah, hi!!" I said!! Wait, no, I shouldn't, that was my reflection, not someone else!!
But the reflection was still looking at me!! Its two blue eyes never got off me!!
"Alice, lunch is ready!!" The eyes still looking at me!! "Wanna hang out this afternoon??" "Sure!!" The eyes still looking at me!! "Mhm, I should go to sleep!!" The eyes still looking at me!!
No matter what I did, the eyes were still looking at me!! I don't know how, I don't know why. Maybe it was my subconscious, maybe it wanted to say something?? I don't know, I don't have enough time to listen, I must get prepared for tomorrow's show!!