Found this the other day!! And because I have my venting section, why not having it here??
It's nice that I found this at 6/8/2021, while I made this at 18/1/2021!! At least that's what it says!! It could be later, because I made the file in order to make bad memes of Taka's personas, but I ended up making this as well, like, holy C!!
It's kinda interesting seeing this!! My mind was not at its best, so seeing that helps me remember how my mind was during that time!!
Also, quick vent: I REALLY wanna go back to that time!! I prefer feeling awful, than what I feel now... I hate what I feel now, PASSIONATELY!! Guess I'll wait until the next winter...

I remember showing this to V... Poor V!!

I would really ask myself if everything is alright, but I know that the answer is no, so I'm not gonna bother...