Disclaimer: This is not mine, I just decided to put it here, cause when a shitty moment happened, I was making an edit of this!! I feel better now, but I know that the issue is still there, so...

"Wh- Wha-??"
"What happened??"
"I don't know... What's up??"
"No, you need- you need help!!"
"I need... help??"
"What's help??"
"Assistance, support of action... you-"
"You really need some!!"
"Oh, okay. Thanks!!"
"Sure!! Good luck!!"

"Oh, how can I help??"
"Is- is there a way I can help??"
"I need help..."
"Do you want help??"
"You don't want help!!"
"I don't??"
"Alright, well..."
"Well thank you!!"
"You're welcome!!"
"Bye bye!!"