My heart!!

Disclaimer: I wanted to write something... weird here, but after some time, my brain calmed down, but there might still some weird things mentioned here, so be careful!!

She didn't believe it!! She had someone!! She felt... safe!!
It was Valentine's Day, and her and her significant other, were just sitting in the bed, cuddling. Were they a couple?? Well... not necessarily, there was just her, and someone who felt safe with. Who is he?? Well... does it matter??
Everything was so peaceful. His body was so warm, and his breath so calming. His embrace was so pure!! All he wanted, was her, and only her!!
She was breathing deeply. She finally got the peace she was long ago asking for. Her mind was finally happy and-
The girl started panicking. She started hyperventilating, and she was trembling a lot. Whatever happened, it was definitely awful!! "Is everything okay??" he asked. She tried to say something, but she couldn't. Now tears were falling from her eyes. She must thought something terrible!!
The boy knew what to do. He had seen her again like this. He took her hand and said "It's okay, whatever you thought is fine, it's not real, it's not going to hurt you!! Remember that I'm here, and I won't let anything hurt you!!"
This took some time. The girl finally calmed down, and they were hugging again now. She laid her head on his chest, and she heard his heartbeats. His heartbeats always took her stress away. They were always one pattern, and always stable. Stability... She didn't have any, but HE had. That's why she always loved being with him!! He could bring stability to her!!
After some time, she asked "hey, uhm... do you... want anything??" "Well, I want you so I'm fine!!" he replied. The girl sighed. "I mean... I can give you everything!! You want my mind?? You want my heart?? Do you want my soul?? Do you want my body?? Do you want to hurt me??"
His face got concerned!! "Why would I wanna hurt you?? Don't tell me you are okay with this!!" "I... I don't know, I don't mind!!" she said. "Everyone does it!! Besides, I don't really care if it's from you, I wanna make you happy!! Anything!! You are... actually kinda like a god to me!!" Her stressful thoughts were coming back again. She wanted to cry: "He will never like you, he's pretending!!" "Stop lying to yourself, he wants to do something bad to you!!" "You're not enough for such godly greatness, you have to give your soul to him!!" "We all know how they are, he's gonna abuse you for your body and then leave!!"
Her mind was awful!! It wouldn't let her rest. And then, she felt being hugged tighter. "I wanna say that..." Her thoughts were getting worse "Watch out what he will say!!" He continued "... I don't, and I will never want anything harmful from you!! I just wanna see you smile!!" In her mind, they were only screams now "Don't you dare listen to him!!"
"I said, I won't let anyone hurt you, and I'll make sure that you are feeling loved!!" The screams suddenly stopped. Finally, peace returned back to her mind!!
Thank you!! Thank you so much!!" she shouted!! After that, no more thoughts, no more chaos, just peace!! Peace... as it should be!!

Irrelevant: Did you know that my name means "stable"?? Lmao!!