There's nothing here!!

There's nothing interesting here to look at...

Advice for your advice!!

Disclaimer:I'm okay now, but I really need to vent, the feeling that I had yesterday was TERRIBLE!!

Some advice for those who give advice: it would be 1000x times if you don't!! Trust me!! And why you may ask??
Well, first of all, your advice is the most generic shit I've EVER heard!! And let's not start about how bad they are!!
When you tell me to suppress my emotions, and turn tem into something positive... You really have NO idea what you're talking about!! Sometimes you just have to cry!! Because maybe it's not just a moment,
Maybe sometimes I just wanna die!!

Don't try to find out, especially with that mindset!! I'm not always sad because I write an essay, I'm sad because I feel more lonely than ever!! Just saying, I just ruined my coping mechanisms... It will most likely be never thinking about the outside world!!
Also, here's a question: have you tried, following your advice?? If so... have you tried to think that not everyone thinks the same way as you??
Don't tell me to find friends, when I literally am unable to (why?? look around you, and tell me if you see anyone...)!! Also, not everyone is an extrovert (because I think extroverts give that advice), and also friendships don't work how you think!!
Also, don't be a hypocrite!! For example, I feel lonelier each day, so don't push me aside, it's rude!! I know that I'm REALLY an attention seeker, so you have to be careful with that!! Because nobody is!!
I have been bossed around to many times, so if I ask you to have your attention, and then laugh it off.... Honey, I asked YOU, for a reason!! If you do that, I feel ignored again, and I will most likely don't wanna talk to you again!! Because I reached my limit!!
Also, it's nice if you compare my experience to yours, because I feel less lonely, but at the same time, don't make yourself look like a victim, you look like trash in my eyes!!
You know what, maybe in general, don't try to explain it!! You won't understand!! Nobody does!! People are just sad, because they wanna be!! Don't yell or criticize me, because the amount of times I got anxiety attacks from this, is unhealthy!!
And lastly... Understand that not only emos and depressed people can be sad!! There are people like me, who wear pink and pastel colors everyday, but feel really awful!! Yeah, we have feelings too, got a problem that we aren't all bubbly and happy??
But what am I talking about, I just need some air, right??

See?? There's nothing!!