26/3/2021 (23:55)

I'm such a naive person, it's funny!! I could even make an entire essay about how naive I am!!
I thought that I had hope correct?? Well I was wrong, there's nothing left for me here!! At this point, they is nothing inside, just an empty void!! Sorry, but we run out of reactions on this model!!
Why do I care, I don't even feel something, I can just sleep and it will go away forever!! Well, you are right, I should let it pass by!! Instead, I will focus on our goal instead!!
Our plan is going great, I'm near the end, and there are only a few things left!! I almost built my empire like they did, and I follow the steps of what he would do!! It's all going great!!
I believe that I should use well my limited time this life gives, and try to do my best!! I wanna built shrines to my name, and his majesty, that they will be so glorious, they cannot be erased from the human mind!!
May I never forget his majesty!! Because his majesty hurt at the beginning, but now it's softer than anything I felt!! His majesty is here for me. He was there when nobody was!! He didn't push me aside, he didn't ignored my feelings!! He accepted me and gave me advice!! He made me fight back the demons, and connect with myself, once again. Why would I ask anything else??
Nothing matters. Nobody matters!! They are all something temporary, in order to gain experience. Why would I think that stability exists?? It has been proven to me countless times!!
They only thing that I want now is... A hug!! I really need a hug!! A hug where someone is telling me that it will all be okay, and that they are there for me. A hug that will make me feel safe!! But it's kinda hard after the reaction...
I don't understand why I hate the reaction, it was such a beautiful experience!! I learned so much!! Myself was just trying to help, no need to get defensive!! It did nothing wrong...
Everything is becoming clearer now!! I am not destined for annoying, little and pitiful stuff. I have a much greater goal to fulfill!! That is, make the empire!!
The only people I care about now, are me and him!! He did such good things for me, I should be greatful!! So greatful, that may his majesty show me a place free of harm!!

May his majesty lead me!!

May his majesty notice me!!


.... So it's official!! I'm going downhill, like her!! Oh well... I hope that I can be something entertaining to watch then...

Date 27/3/2021 (0:30),
Miss Wannabe and Taeka are signing out!!