Part 1:
"Hello, this is the police department, what can we do for you??"
"H-hi!! I just... I was going for a walk, and I was now returning back home... And... I saw a woman walking fastly and someone following her... I... I didn't know what was the best thing to do, so I called!!"
"Okay, can you tell us were you are??"
"I was just returning from the bridge... There's also a cafe here... Oh, thank god, there's a sign here... It says {"It's far away from home"}..."
"Alright... Is everything okay, you sound like you are crying!!"
"Ah, sorry, it's just that I'm really anxious right now, I don't know if I'm doing it right..."
"How old are you??"
"Can you tell us your name??"
"{I don't wear the mask of a persona right now...}"
"Well, there's no reason for you to worry, everything is fine!! Now, can you tell us how they looked like!!"
"{They didn't look like hallucinations...}"
"Well, do you have anything else to tell us??"
"Ah, no... Just that!!"
"Well, thank you for calling us, we will look into it!!"
"Ah... you're welcome!!"

Part 2:
"Hi... I came back!!"
*Hi!! ...Is everything alright?? Oh my, you're really wet!!*
-I must say, I actually wanted to tell you that maybe you should get an umbrella, but I saw your jacket and thought that you would be fine...-
"Yeah, hold on, I have to take off my shoes..."
*... So?? What happened??*
"So I went to the bridge... {Because I was angry... At everything!! I needed to go outside!! Everything was so... Empty!! Nobody was there to be seen!!}"
-The bridge??-
*Yeah, she actually walks fast!!*
"And then I left from the bridge..."
*And then you cane home!!*
"And then I came home!!"
"But as I was coming back, I saw a woman walking fastly and a man following her, so I felt like something was wrong and... and... I called the police!!{I could have just close the phone... I could just end it there... But I didn't!!}"
*What did they ask??*
"Well, they asked what happened, where was I, how did they look like, things like that..."
*Hey, if you wanna cry, that's okay!!*
"Ah, no, it's just that I was feeling anxious and kinda still am... Though I must say, yeah... I did cry while I was on the phone..."
*It's alright!! One thing that you need to do is try and be calm so that you can speak more clearly!! Though that takes practice and that was your first time!!*
"It's just that... I'm really nervous!! Did I do that right?? Maybe I am just so socially awkward that I can't tell how body language works!! Maybe I just didn't have the context!! {Maybe I even made it up, I mean I started hearing voices again midway through for a while!!}"
-You did the right thing!! Even if it might be a mistake, it's better for it to be a mistake rather than something happening and regretting doing nothing!!-
"Right... It's just... I felt like something was off!!"
*Like the atmosphere being heavy!!*
*That's just your instinct!! And most of the time, it's right!! You did the right thing!! You are really empathetic, and you decided to care!! If more people did that, the world would be a better place!!*
"Thank you!!"
*Well, there's this movie right now, do you wanna see it with us??*
-Yeah, it's about to start, you can sit if you want!!-
"I will!!"