A stupid mastermind Taka breakdown

So I decided to make a breakdown of this dude's design and see how accurate it actually is, because I'm not like the other girls and I'm quirky af!! Before I actually start though, quick disclaimer, this is from me observing and asking my dad, to the point I'm surprised how he didn't suspect anything!! Also, even if I like to believe I did good observations... I'm not Japanese!! So whatever I say here is true, BUT FOR HERE!! Even if I like to believe that I did pretty well in the breakdown, things can be different in Japan!! I haven't done research on Japan specifically, so some might be wrong!! Anyway, breakdown time now!!

You know, I know that the creators said that Taka is already based on a military/schoolboi hybrid, and I was like "ok" but when I went with dad to Helexpo and saw all those military guys, THAT was when I saw the similarities!! First up, the buttons on the sleeves!! Saw people there having two instead of five, but again there are there!! I would argue that the other buttons aren't necessarily there all the way to the bottom, but I think that this is the part where it's the school uniform and not the military thing, so I digress there!! Also I like it like that, like mfs making the military uniform really said "I'm gonna stop putting buttons a little after midway down because I'm bored with my life"!! I like how they don't stop in the middle, I would go nuts if I saw that!!
Next up, that... idk I'm gonna call it a medal, I have the ability to can!! Well that's pretty much known, if you do something good, you get things because you are "a good boi"!! The thing is I haven't seen anyone wear something like that, so I'll say that it's there just from inspo and doesn't mean anything!! In general, there isn't much symbolism!! In many uniforms I saw, there were symbols EVERYWHERE!! On the buttons, on those things in his shoulders, on the collar, EVERYWHERE!! I know that this is "military style" and not "this is the most military thing you've seen, 100% accurate"!! I mean, even if they tried to put symbols on it, good luck with that, there are 14 different ranks, and each rank has different symbols!! The creators just wanted a little bit just to give the "unhealthily obsessed" vibe!! He's the ultimate moral guy, not the ultimate soldier!! So I forgive some lack of detail, I'm just nitpicking here!! Like the collar!! I understand that this is the "school dude" part, so I understand why it's there!!
Even the pockets are accurate!! Well, I saw four instead of three, but I think that they're three because the design would probably look weird, so I understand that!!

This is where I leave "The base design" and start analysing this guy's mastermind design in particular!!
There are two things I don't understand though!! The first one being those round things with stuff hanging on his shoulders!! Haven't seen anyone wear those, so maybe it's just a little flexy decoration!! Same with that chain, I did see some guys wear something similar, but it looked more like a rope and it was going around the sleeve, not on the uniform's buttons!! I asked dad and he said that this was only for those who assist the general!! Again I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS GUY'S RANK IS SUPPOSED TO BE AND IT ISN'T HELPIIIIINGGGG!! Again, it could be decoration!! Though there is a chance that someone would wear these and I was just zoning out too much to notice!!
Oh, btw, the gloves!! Monokuma theme aside, and my perfectionistic mind going MAD over it, they are actually accurate!! They are actually just like they are supposed to be!!
Also this hat in particular!! By particular, I mean this drawing!! I can't tell what the other hat is supposed to be (reference), but this is actually how it should look like!! I know that it has a Monokuma on it, but I don't know what's supposed to be there, like sure my dad isn't walking around with a Monokuma in his hat, but the symbol is Greece specific, so I can't say anything on that one!!
Also, the colours!! Each uniform's colour means something!! Muddy green is for those who are trained for combat on land, dark blue is for those on air and white... *giggles* White is for those on sea!! Y'all made Taka an "Aye aye captain" and I'm all living for it!! Also dad said that they have a black one as well... The fact that this fuck up happened TWICE makes me so entertained!! I really wonder why Taka's design colour is like that though!! I know that this guy is like this for the Monokuma theme, but why is the original white?? Isn't it supposed to be black?? Why is it white?? Pure morals or something?? I can't comment on that one!!
Also, the cape!! Can't tell why it's there, I now wanna see someone wearing it IRL, it would be so funny!! (Also unnecessary fact, ignore how it's black here, most people make it red)
Also, the sword!! ...You expected me that this is pure flex right?? SIKE!! People can have swords IRL!! In fact, that sword is the only thing that helps me determine what rank he is supposed to be!! So if your rank is "officer" and up, you get one!! The thing is that it's unsharpened and just decorative!! So stop flexing it my guy, you're flexibg "deez nuts"!! So I guess that he's in the higher ranks!! Will I say that he is in the "general" rank?? No, because I need to feel superior to this guy in some way shape or form!! :) (....Do I have daddy issues and it shows up through him?? Oh shi-!!)
Btw, you see those lines that are on his pants?? .... I'm just as confused as you are!! The boots though... Didn't see anyone wearing boots... Maybe it's inspo from the military boots?? They are not that long though!! And they aren't gay don't have heels like that!!
Am I forgetting something?? I don't think I am... So yeah!! Mastermind Taka breakdown that is over the place!! Yaaasss!!