The 2000s were wild!! Who wouldn't remember them!! The technology, the fashion, the internet, the kids of that era... Ah yes, the kids!! One in particular in fact really caught my eye:
It was raining outside!! The place was super dark, that you could barely see a thing!! There was extreme silence everywhere, disrupted only by the sounds of the loud thunders, along with their lightnings, lighting up the sky!! It was just an ordinary evening for most people!! But not for a certain little girl!! She was alone in her room, crying the pain away!!
"Boohoo, I can't take this anymore!! I can't!! I can't!! I can't!!"
Her sobs were so loud, yet so quiet at the same time... The girl kept crying and crying... She was crying for a while!! The tears kept flowing!! It was really sad to witness!!
"I can't!! I can't do this anymore, I can't!! Please help me, someone, anyone!! I want this nightmare to end!!"
As if god himself heard that, a young man appeared!! Well, if you could call him young!! His soul and spirit seemed like they were that of an immortal being, yet his personality looked like that of a little kid!!
"Hey, don't cry, okay?? I know just the right thing to do!!"
The little girl looks up and tries to look at the man!! Unfortunately that was nearly impossible because everything was so dark!! "Who are you??"
The man didn't respond!! Instead he opened a box and pulled something out of it: Wires!! Tons of wires!! He started putting them on the little girl's body!!
"Hey, what are you doing, stop!! STOP!! Stop it I'm telling you!!"
But despite the little girl's demands, the man didn't stop!! He put the wires everywhere!! On the little girl, on the floor, on the walls, every place in the room!!
"The next lightning is gonna hit in 3-!!"
"Didn't you hear me?? I told you to sto-!!"
And that's when you received your first electroshock!! It was mild, but to you it was unbearable!! You passed out on the floor!!
The man looked over your unconscious body!! "When you'll wake up, you'll forget about this evening!!" And indeed you forgot, next day you started acting like nothing happened!! And this happened again and again, the electroshocks made you forget the pain!! It was like they kept you alive in a way!! So now you're here!! In this place!! In that case I guess I should welcome you: