About Me!!

Name: Erika Age: 16 Occupation: Student

"Welcome to the roaring twenties!!"

Hi, my name is Erika, and I'm your average 16 y/o girl!! I'm currently going in 2nd grade of high school!! I love talking to people, though I tend to be a little shy and back away!! I'm always opening up when I get to know others though!!

My interests consist of many things!! As I said, I love coding!! In general, I like to make things by hand!! You could say that I'm a crafty person, haha!! I also like anime!! Not a fanatic, but I like to watch a few episodes here and there!! My favourite one has to be Serial Experiments Lain!! How about you?? :P
I can't really think of any dislikes honestly!! I dislike what everyone dislikes!! Mean people, a lot of noise, that kind of stuff!! I see no reason on getting angry at things, sometimes it's just better to just ignore them honestly... Though I do not like beef jerkies!! Who the hell likes to eat beef jerkies, they literally taste so disgusting!! There's literally the work "jerk" in the name, how do you expect me to like something that is a jerk?? Well, I guess you could say that this is a dislike??

More to be added soon!!