Attempted suicide inside a high school!!

He went inside the classroom, but he didn't close the door!! It was hot at this hour, so he just left the door open!! With that, he started teaching math like usual!!
"Sir, can I go to the bathroom??" a student said!! "Sure, but come back quickly, okay??" The student got up and went inside the bathroom!! "So, limit of the mathematical function limf(x) while x approaches +infinity is..."
Two students started talking to each other other "Please be quiet"!! The students kept talking to each other, as if they didn't hear a thing!! "I would appreciate it if you guys were more quiet!!"
They didn't even bother!! Why would anyone bother really?? It's just a stupid day, tomorrow it will be the same thing, come here, teach for seven hours, leave, do the same thing again and again, what's the point?? What's even the point of all of this?? It doesn't matter, it's all stupid anyway!! This stupid day, this stupid life...
"Quiet!!" His voice was now louder!! "Quiet or they'll be consequences!!" It didn't work!! Of course it didn't work, why would it?? That was the last time the professor tried to be calm, why try to keep acting like this if there's no point?? Just let it all out, there's no reason to keep this facade anymore!! He went to the door and closed it forcefully!!
He reached for his bag and opened it!! He took a gun from inside!! He was holding it so tight, it's like that he was trying to snap the thing!! "I SAID BE QUIET!!" He put his hand in the trigger and proceeded to sit on the floor on his knees!! "Oh god... You all disgust me!! YOU DISGUST ME!! YOU ALL KEEP ACTING LIKE YOU OWN THE GODDAMN PLACE!! I'M SICK OF YOU!! I'M SICK OF EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!! I FUCKING HATE YOU YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!"
For someone that was yelling at them, everyone was for sure oddly quiet!! Perhaps from the shock, but aside from the professor yelling and some of the students in the back crying from fear, there was dead silence in the classroom!! He pointed the gun to his head "I can't be like this, I can't take it anymore!! I can't take it anymore... I can't..."
The student that went to the bathroom came back!! He opened the door and was left in utter fear!! He saw the professor, and the professor saw him!! He didn't freeze though!! Instead, after a while of doing nothing but trembling from fear, he run in the hallway screaming "MISS HEADMISTRESS, MISS HEADMISTRESS!!"
The professor didn't bother going after him!! He was just ending it all, not shooting up the place!! "He doesn't see the point... Calling the headmistress will do nothing at all!! I don't care about some petty conversation, I don't care about hearing that suicide isn't the answer, I don't care about anything!! It's all pointless!! It doesn't matter... Nothing matters... It's all over now..."
He pointed the gun to his head once again, this time ready to pull the trigger!! But as he was about to do that, the headmistress came in with a bunch of other professors and grabbed him by his hands and shoulders, leaving him unable to do anything!! "Are you kids alright??" None of them answered!! They still haven't processed what was going on!!
They ended the class there, and rushed to send everyone home!! The headmistress with the other teachers were having a discussion about this!! "What are we gonna do, if the press learns about this, they won't leave us alone!! We must hide this from the news, the reporters will come right in!!" one of them said!! The headmistress didn't know what to do!! She had to find something to say, and she had to find it now!! "We'll just say that it was just a threat, that he wasn't actually attempting suicide!! Maybe with that we can get the press off of us!!"

Okay, all jokes aside though, this actually happened!! Not like this, but it happened!! I was just browsing stuff about the Panhellenics, and I ended up discovering articles about a professor attempting suicide through cutting inside a classroom!! All the articles are in Greek though so idk if linking here helps... Anyway, please be careful at school, and be careful with your teachers!! Sure we don't know why this guy did it, but sometimes it's best if you just try to act nice!!