MM! Taka x MM! Nagito Fanfic

Well, here it is!! The corny fanfic from that dream I had is finally here!! Yaaayyy!!
Now I must say that this is obviously made for the lolz, so if it looks kinda lazy, it's because I decided to make it as a shitpost, sooo... Yeah!! Onto the fic now!!

I decided to look again at the world that we made!! It was so beautiful!! So broken, so wounded, so... full of despair!! My eyes were filled with tears from such beauty!!

I always said to myself that I would do anything for hope!! I would become a stepping stone for the other students, I would fight for hope, I would kill for hope... I would even become despair ITSELF to let only the true hope to shine!!

That's when you came along!! Such beauty, such talent, the best of the best, having the ability to make any of his visions for despair come true... Almost like a supernatural entity!! Like something beyond than human!!

And that's when I realised... Hope is not for me!! It is for someone who has the courage to look despair in the eyes and fight it!! But this is not for me!! I am destined to fight alongside despair, in order to bring that hope!! I must side with despair, I must fall in love with despair, I must become one with despair...

And I did!! I joined the side of despair!! And there, I saw how absolutely beautiful it is!! I needed to spread it all across the world, I must show everyone how delightful it feels!!

So I showed the world!! Every corner, every continent, every town, every country... Everyone should experience this magnificent feeling!! I showed them the true happiness that lies within it!!

It's been a while now, since that day... I keep seeing you there, planning for the future... Writing and writing, always determined... You barely have time to notice me these days... You haven't noticed how I even changed behaviour and my appearance for you!!*

But I still haven't stopped thinking about you, and have feelings about you!! I always wanted to tell you that, since day 1!! I want you to realise how much I love you!!

I left you a letter telling you that there's something I need to tell you and that we need to meet at the bridge!!** With that, I finally decided to give myself some courage to tell you about my feelings!! I gave myself confidence, and walked out, heading to the bridge!!

You were already there, waiting for me!! You didn't realise that I was there at first, you were lost in thought!! But suddenly your eyes land onto me!! You seemed kinda lost and tired, so I knew that what I had to say had to be short and simple!! I hesitated for a moment...

The sakura trees around were beautiful!! Their petal were drifting off, going wherever the wind told them to go!! If there was a time to tell you, it was definitely now!!

With that, I took a deep breath, opened my mouth, and let the words come out of their own:

"I LOVE YOU!!"***

*: Basically in my dream, Taka was like my comfort character (glasses and stuff), and Nagito was wearing a tuxedo, and he also wore glasses and had that folder with the pen!! You know, like my comfort character!!
**: Which I must say looked awfully a lot similar to that bridge in Paris where people put locks on it!! I mean it had a river, a romantic atmosphere and everything!!
***: And then they kiss and fuck, idk!! I don't know how Taka reacted because there was a noise outside that woke me up, and I was extremely angry about it!! So I guess that you have to make up your own ending to this!! (Btw, who bottoms though??)