30 days: Danganronpa x Vocaloid Crossover

Miku was laying on her bed!! After a long day of trying to view the world through the eyes of an ordinary human, it was time for her to rest!!
Unfortunately for her though, she couldn't get any rest!! She couldn't stop thinking about her meetup with Taka!! He looked so much someone who fitted exactly for the job: he was perhaps the most ordinary human being out there!! He was hardworking, taking care of the needs of his school, and tried his best to become the next prime minister!! He was the only one who knew the struggles of an everyday person!!
How could she convince him to let her change roles!! Just for a little while... It doesn't have to be much!!
With those thoughts in her mind, her phone rang!! She probably thought that it was her manager, one of her music producers, but no, it was actually Taka, wanting to talk to her!! She opened her phone:
"I can't stop thinking about the suggestion about changing lives for a while..." he said!! Oh, maybe he was interested?? Miku tried to continue the conversation:
"Me too!! I really think that this would be something that would help both of us!! Seeing life from your perspective would be an interesting experience to have!!"
Taka replied: "I really wanted to focus on my speech right now, but I wasn't able to come up with anything!! But the more I was thinking about this, the more I think that it would be something that would help me find inspiration!!" That brought a smile to Miku's face!!
"Besides, I wanna be a prime minister, and that requires a lot of talking to large crowds!! So I believe that having some experience from this would help!!"
Miku was so happy to hear those news: "So, do you agree!! That's amazing!! I'm contacting my manager to let him know that you agreed!!" She then rushed to contact him as fast as possible!! She was excited to tell gim that "he agreed" and that "we can continue with the idea"!!
"Excellent!!" a voice came from the phone!! "Tell him that he must come tomorrow morning from our studio!! Also, please tell him to measure himself!! It will be important!!"