30 days: Danganronpa x Vocaloid Crossover

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After another day at school, it was time to go back home. Now,he could just go back, and organise the next few days that would come. Because now, not only he had to study harder for an upcoming test, but he also had to plan an upcoming speech he had. He waited patiently for the bus to come, and he went home.
He took the keys out of his pocket, and he unlocked the door. He then grabbed the handle and opened the door. There was nobody in the living room... Or anywhere, as usual.
On the table, he noticed a small piece of paper. He picked it up. A note!! "I'm gonna come at 23:00 again. I just wanted to tell you that we don't have any groceries left, so please remember to go buy them from the convenience store. I left the money you need. Thanks!! - Your dad"
So, nobody will be at home, until late night?? Not a big deal, he would just be alone, that's all. He walked to the kitchen, and then made lunch for himself.
After he was done, he walked up to his room. He took the book out of the bag, and started studying, one lesson after the other. It didn't take long for him, to finish. After a little while, his phone vibrated "Hey, Taka, could you tell me what we had today in physics??" "Sure!! It was from page 154 to 159."
For most people, this would be the manifestation of hell. But for Taka it was... alright!! He didn't have any problem with it!! Besides, he was an ultimate because he decided to be an ultimate. He was the one that decided to study that hard!! To him, it was just what he wanted!!
Now what?? Well, he had a speech to plan. He took out a piece of paper, and started writing. "Dear students-" No!! "Dear honourable students-" No!! "Students of the-" No!! "Dear classmates-" No!!
How he would start his speech?? It's not like he couldn't write!! He just didn't know what he could do, to have others pay attention to him!! He tried his best, but nobody seemed interested!! Most of the time, they were bored after a while. What he could do??
"You know what, no writing for now!!" He left the paper aside, and stood up. He was probably tired, that's all!! He could find some inspiration while taking a walk outside. Besides, he had some groceries to buy, right??
He went outside, and walked for a bit. Nothing, no ideas!! That kinda made him feel down. Maybe interacting with others, wasn't his thing.
After a while, he went into the store, and started buying what he had to, with a disappointed face. What kind of moral committee president can't even communicate with others??
But someone, shared the same disappointment with him. A teenage girl, that it was impossible to ignore her presence. Hatsune Miku!! People running up to her, only to face her two bodyguards, saying "Miku is unable to give autographs right now, sorry!!"
She walked up to him. Well, not him exactly, but rather what was next to him. He expected her, to reach her hand, and take what she wanted, but... She was just... looking... Not doing anything in particular, just looking!!
He got really confused. "Hatsune-kun... Is everything alright??" The girl snapped out of her monotonous stare "Oh, yeah, sorry!!" He didn't got told to leave by the guards, so he thought it was okay for him to continue the conversation "What exactly are you doing here??" "Oh, I'm actually trying to figure out how an average day of a human is like!!" "Huh, how so??"
"It's for her latest concert, sir!!" one of the guards stepped in. That was probably his signal that he should mind his business, but he decided to suggest something, before he continued going on with his day. "Why don't you ask people how is it like to live a day in their lives?? I think that would help!!"
"Alright mister" the other guard decided to give him a hint that ot was time to leave them alone "... may I know your name??" "I'm Kiyotaka Ishimaru. Please usually call me Taka." "Alright, mister Ishimaru, I think it's time for you to-" The guard's eyes suddenly widened. "Are you-"
There it goes!! That one lecture again!! "Are you the grandchild of Toranosuke, that abomination of a prime minister??" "You should be ashamed of yourselves, if I were you, I wouldn't dare to leave my house!!" "We don't want any more of you here, we had enough!!" "You still need to pay the debts, and fix the mess you did!!"
"Are you Kiyotaka Ishimaru, the ultimate moral compass??" Taka froze for a moment, confused about why he asked that. Eventually, he responded "Well, I don't like being called an ultimate, but yes, that's me!!"
The guard at that moment, had a wide smile. "Your suggestion, was great!! What a better way to make Miku understand how human are like, by taking the life of the ultimate moral compass??" "Ah, eh, you're welcome!!" "Sir, would you like to have Hatsune Miku take your life for 30 days??"
He was kinda shocked. That was a lot to take in, in just a short amount of time. "But then, what will happen to me?? Who's life will I have??" "You can have mine!!" Miku said. What?? She offers to switch lives... that easily?? She's a celebrity and all, why would she give everything away like that?? That was a big decision to make!! He had to become a diva for the next 30 days... That was honestly kinda unsettling to think of!! But from the other hand... He could really benefit from this!! That was a tough decision to make.
"So, mister Ishimaru, whay do you say??"
He looked at his wristwatch. "It's almost nine... I need to go!!"

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