A Place Of Worship!! (WIP)

Warning: This page is currently a WIP!! I mostly did that because I got a grade of 19/20, yaaayy flexes!! Because of that, there's a high chance that it might change dramatically in the future!! So for now, enjoy the current unfinished version!!

Hello dear traveler!! It seems that you have stumbled across this shrine!! A shrine where all your studying prayers are being heard!! This, is our great god, the one and only, Kiyotaka Ishimaru!! He is the guiding light, to all those people that struggle with studying in their everyday lives!! He is here, to help us, in these current days of struggle!!
He doesn't judge anyone!! No matter what race, ethnicity or sexuality you are, he will listen to your prayers!! All you have to do, is buy all the merch he has, have pictures of him everywhere, and pray to him every night, saying "Taka is love, Taka is life"!! Through this, he sees who is clearly dedicated to him, and helps that person, as Taka is a god that despises people who are not loyal to him!!
If you really want his help though, you must make a sacrifice to him!! Devoting time to him before and after the sacrifice, helps the process!! All you need to do is wait until nighttime comes and everyone is asleep, place your offering between two big candles, and start praying!! After that, go to bed!! Refrain from taking the offering away, especially if it's food, because he will see that as taking his stuff away!! It's all his now!! If you have seen any changes in the offering (such as food being gone, or a book being opened), that means that he appreciates the offering, and will now help you with your studies!!
However, it should be noted that Taka is also the ultimate despair!! Because of that, he might put despair into your soul, if he is not pleased with you!! If that happens, you're screwed!! You're pretty much his own despair plaything now!! So if you want this not to happen, run as far away possible and seek immediate help keep being faithful to him!!

But lastly, love Taka!! Because Taka is love, Taka is life!!