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Well, I really wanted to write something with a "scientific" style to it (low-key inspired by the SCP foundation, wanna make one of that type too!!), so here you go!!^_^
Also, anything mentioned here, is not romanticised or condoned under ANY circumstances!!

Document 84496
No 15
Team Blue
Underground Foundation

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This document serves for the purpose of education and investigation only!! Every attempt of copying, reselling, or printing of the document outside of the Underground Foundation, is strictly prohibited!!

Members of the Underground Foundation:
This letter is provided to you, hoping to inform you about our latest investigation. All the necessary information, are packaged in this folder. For more information, please ask the headquarters.

The past two months have been filled with massive attacks and destruction, of an unknown cause, until now!! This week, Team Blue decided to do a thorough investigation of what kind of supernatural phenomena is causing such damages to our city.
Unexpectedly, it was not a demon, a monster, nor some supernatural deity. This time, it was actually a teenage girl!!
The girl was found in the train station, laying unconscious. The team decided to get her, and investigate her. We found a crimson colored message in her back, saying "I am the saviour and communicator of god!! What is YOUR speciality??" She also seemed to have modified her appearance.

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The investigation went fine, but then, the girl came in her senses. In the beginning, she didn't understand much, but later she started attacking us. It was really difficult fighting her, and we had to restrain her as a result!!
We went back to the laboratory, to analyse our data. From some DNA tests, we found her age, family name, and with that, we nailed to find out her past, with research: a normal girl, named [redacted], was currently attending high school, and had one male friend, [redacted]. Her family seemed to be mentally stable, we couldn't find any genes relating to bad mental health.
Some time later, Dr. Wildfox decided to ask her some questions, hoping that we could get some information. The transcript of the recordings are below:

"I know that you don't want to be here with us, but we have to ask you some questions, alright??" *pulls out notebook and pen*
"First of all, what is your name?"
"Okay, Taeka... What is your REAL name?"
"Well, it's Taeka!!"
"Are you sure it's not along the lines of [redacted]?" *shows picture*
"Does that remind you something?"
"Well, yes... But I'm not her anymore!! I changed!!"
"Interesting... So you now are Taeka... Hence the modifications??"
"The short black hair, and the red eyes. It's been shown that you used to have long brown hair, and blue eyes!"
"Correct!!" *moves head*
"Now, about the message... We saw that it had a deep crimson color. Is that blood??"
[removed]"Ah, no!!"
"I see... Interesting... Well, why did you change, what made you do this??"
*hugs self* "I had to have a part of god with me... It makes me feel safe!!"
"So this god told you to act this way... Who is your god??"
[removed]"Also no, he didn't say anything to me, I thought that he would be happy with it!!"
"So you say that all the murders were for this person??"
"A god must have sacrifices as offerings..."
"Also, you said that he didn't say anything to you, does he know you??"

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"Then why spending your time thinking about him??'
"He makes me feel less lonely..."
"Why do you feel lonely?"
*hides head between knees* "Because none wants to be around me..."
The conversation ended, and we got some new information. Unfortunately, we haven't planned how we should continue our research, due to the slow process of analysing the data. The girl is now in a laboratory bedroom, and we are trying to figure out her mental state. She doesn't remember much of her old self, and she zones out a lot. Furthermore, her emotions seem to be out of control, with extreme mood swings. We hope that we can figure things out, but for now, the case is still ongoing.
Mrs Firewood