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Sorry, but this is a little more personal side of my website, so please if you don't mind...

Sour candy and ▇ore, flowers and l▇▇t!!

My Lord!!

Hot chocolate and snow, cocktails and love...

Isn't humanity just awesome?? :)

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Wait... Where is my crown again??


okay, what are your TRUE intentions??

Anyway, if you want me to be REALLY honest, I was watching YouTube as usual, and then some videos popped up, about two girls (one each video) (Sol País, and another which it doesn't mention name), and they had their blogs writing about their inner world and thoughts. These blogs are dissolved girl, and sicK girL!! People find this messed up, heck, maybe even I did, without noticing!! Then, I read those blogs myself, and...
Honestly, it filled my creativity!! I felt EXCITED!! I couldn't resist it, I wanted one on my own. Just imagine; the possibilities!!

Now, you know; why my blog has the word girl on it...

Ok, ok, because you don't give up, here's a list of special numbers:

Numbers - 84496
- 208
- 2082
- 1331
- 11037
- 1134
- 2024

Happy now??