Struck By Love

My Aesthetic

Here, you can see me trying to make an aesthetic, and how it turns out. Who knows, when it's done I might use it!!


This is the first thing ever writing to this site!! I'm so happy!!!
Anyway, I decided to finally start with my aesthetic, because we don't have all day!!
Well, we do... But I just wanna start already!!

So the first thing I wanna clarify, is the mood!! I decided to go with a vibrand goth/emo, yet soft cutie style!!! I decided that my colors will be, magenta, blue, and purple!! I might just add some pastel here and there, I'll see soon... I know that the name comes last, but I found a name already, a few day ago!! Neon Cities!!! I might change it a little later, but now, I will refer it as such!!
I decided to call it like that for... memorial issues... Whatever, I think that it fits, because the color palette I try to achieve matches, and in general, is pretty good!!
Now, the mood as I said will be the "UwU softie!!", but at the same time I want it be that loud rocker!! I know I said goth, because me wearing too much rocker style clothes is weird for me... I don't want the clothes to be baggy, nor athletic, just fancy!! I would like some crop tops, t-shirts, shorts, sometimes maybe a jacket, in general all that stuff for summer, and for winter.... I have to find out!! Hihi!!

I don't think I have anything else to add, so I stop here for today!! :)


Okay, so...
I decided that I want also, pastel colours, so I'll add them!! So, instead of being a "Neon City Girl", it will be a "Neo-Girl"!!
I found some photos on Pinterest, and they really fascinated me, I just need some more to make a mood board!!
It will be still loud, but in calmer tones!! I just thought that it would be great if it had a pastel ------ neon graduation, depending on the mood!!
I imagine a very intense neon colour scheme, in something like a night out with your besties, to something soft like falling in love and feeling light!!
The colour palette still remains the same (magenta/pink, purple, blue/light blue), but the intensity of it changes!!

Now onto the items: I think it's best, if everyone had like their own diary/journal to write!! It would have these colours, but the decoration is up to the person!!
You could write anything there!! Anything you want!!

And a last thing, idk why, but the VSCO Girl aesthetic, has a drink connected with it (bubble tea)!!