Struck By Love


It was just another day. Or maybe, any day, it didn't really matter at this point...

He was still walking in the snow. One god knows how long he'd been walking. Maybe it was hours, days, or even weeks!! Actually, what day was today again??

The snowstorm was awful as usual. Nothing less, nothing more. It was still terribly cold, but the fur cape that he wore, somewhat helped him to manage. Even though he was trembling, it was better than being frozen to death.

All he did was to continue walking... and walking... and walking... Did this guy even had a destination??

The surprising thing, was that, he could walk, despite the fact, that his legs and feet were almost frozen, making it difficult to walk even straight. Maybe he didn't remember to wear better shoes...

After finally god knows how long, he couldn't continue anymore. He bowed down, and started crawling. Nobody could stop his will...

If someone could watch this it would be terrifying. Anyone could see that all it was left was bones, wrapped around with some skin. He hasn't eaten anything for days, making his clothes oversized and really heavy for his body. It was just a miracle how he could still move...

More time passed. At that moment, he started panting, he couldn't take it anymore. After that, he collapsed completely. The only thing that he could do see around. All he could see was snow. But at the distance, there was a cave with a light. The light came out, and began approaching him. It came closer, and closer... Was THAT the light everyone sees in the end??

After that his vision blurred and faded. That was it, it was over!! Everything turned black.

When he woke up, he couldn't believe it. He was in a room, but not just ANY room!!

The room was huge, and very warm. There was a fireplace with a fire, brighter than the sun. There was also a table, with delicious food. It had literally anything a man could ask for!! Nobody had experienced this kind of luxury!! It was almost like it was a dream!!

After watching around, he saw himself. He couldn't believe his eyes!! He was wearing some of the finest clothes ever made!! They were from the best fabrics, that were only were for the nobles!!

At that moment, he realised that he was sitting on a throne. It was made of pure gold, and you could get easily get blind, just by looking at its glory!!

So that was it!! He was a noble!! And this was his castle. He had power!! He was a king!! No... He was AN EMPEROR!! HE, had power!! He could do anything!!

At that moment, a girl come from the back. "Uuhhmm... can we... start the celebration sir?? You know... now that you got the crown..." she said. Her tone was shy, and she kinda nervous.

He didn't understand what was going on. But for that power... Well, you can do anything!!

"Of course!!" he replied. "Let everyone in!!"