You could say that it was a normal day!! There was a young man, as always, going home from his work. Today was a really tiring day, so he decided to return home as fast as possible!!
Unfortunately for him, his car broke yesterday, so he had to go to work and back on foot. He decided to take a stort road, because he was already really exhausted. He just wanted to go home.
But on his way, he saw a young woman lying down on the street. He couldn't leave her there, he had to help her!! He approached her and he asked "Are you alright miss??" The woman seemed really weak "Water!! Please, give me some water!!"
He didn't lose time: he took out one of the water bottles that he brought with him, in case he needed it, and he gave her some. After a while, the lady seemed to be in a much better condition. "Thank you!!" she said "I really needed it!! You are a hero!!"
The man didn't understand what was going on "Well, I did what I was supposed to, no need to thank me." he said "But can I ask you, why you were lying down, in the middle of the street??"
The answer was a bit confusing "Well, I needed someone to give me some water, but none would help me, so I thought that I was left there to fade..."
The conversation got interesting: "But if that's the case, why didn't you go buy some, or why didn't you go home??" "Honestly, I have neither of that..." the man got confused "...why??" he asked her "Because I'm a flower!!" she replied.
This was something that you definitely don't see everyday!! "A- a flower??" he stuttered "But how??" The woman just let out a "I don't know, I was just there, in a laboratory once, now I'm left out in the streets!! Said I wasn't "beautiful enough!!", and that I didn't have that nice charm..."
But who could even say that?? Her hair were wavy, with a nice red colour, her eyes and her clothes a beautiful green... Even when you approach her, she had that beautiful flower scent!! Who could dare to say such a blasphemy??
The man was socked. So there was a flower woman, in a street, nowhere to go, and probably be left to die?? He couldn't do that!!
"Well..." he said "I can't leave you like this!! Of you want to, why don't you come with me, I'll try to take care of you, until we'll figure out what to do. What do you think??"
The woman was happy by these words "You promise that you will take care of me??" "I promise!!" And with that, they went on their way home. "Oh, also!!" he asked at one point. "What's your name??" "Rosey!!" she said "Rosey from the word rose!!"
It wasn't that hard for him to get used to it. She just needed some watering every week, unless it was too hot, and plenty of light.
It wasn't that bad. In fact Rosey's hair had now a richer color, and her eyes were more shinny. It was just what she needed!!
He was really proud for being such a good caregiver. So much, that he told other people about it, and now everyone wanted to see her. Which was a good thing!! She would need someone who knows her!!
And she was such a beautiful plant!! Because of her, the man could have now a better job!! Even the woman that he liked viewed him in a friendlier way.
One day, he returned from work and saw her kinda upset. "What's wrong??" he asked "I feel a little stressed..." she replied "I actually feel really stressed!!" Well, this was nothing to worry about. Everyone had some stress themselves, she could manage. Besides, she was a rose, not an orchid, she could manage!!
Everything continued as it was: the man now had a better job, he planned on making a big celebration, he saw his family again when they came to visit him, he even took the courage to ask his girlfriend on a date!! And she said yes!!
Honestly, you could say that he low-key forgot her...
There was the night of the celebration. Everyone came, except Rosey. She said she wasn't feeling well. She must had a cold or something, who knows?? She could recover.
Everything was so exciting!! Everyone was happy with him!! He was proud!! Until a man approached him...
They had a normal conversation about Rosey. "How is she??" "Ah, she's fine!!" and all that. That was until he asked why she didn't came. The response was that she wasn't feeling well.
That made the man concerned "Let me ask this: did you forgot that she is a flower??"
These words made him realise something. In fact, he forgot!! He forgot that she wasn't human!! He was too busy with his life, he wasn't even watering her at one point. He was just seeing her as a trophy...
"I need to go!! I'm sorry guys!!" Everyone was confused "Why, the great part didn't came yet!!" "I know, I just- I'm sorry I need to go!!"
He ran to his home. He rushed, and rushed, when he arrived. He opened the door, calling Rosey's name. But he didn't get an answer.
He found her in the living room. Her hair was brown, and her eyes lost the sparkle they had. She was dead. She faded.
He couldn't forgive himself. He bowed down crying. He forgot her!! How could he??
He heard a voice "Why didn't you water her??" It was that man from before!! He just stood there and saw him. "I- I didn't mean to, I swear!! I forgot!!" "Did you??" he asked him.
He now got back up. "What do you mean, I just forgot it!!" "Are you sure?? Are you sure you didn't ignore her??"
That made him realise. Indeed, she said many times that something was wrong, and he ignored her. He was so busy thinking about himself, and using her a trophy, that he actually left her there to slowly die.
"Oh god!!" he said. The tears where coming back again. "What have I done??" He stood over her, and started crying. He asked himself why he did this.
The man though didn't show sympathy: "This won't do anything!! Well now, if you excuse me, I have to go now!!" And with that, he left. Now, in the living room, there was him crying over the faded Rosie.
"Rosey" he whispered "I'm sorry!!"