My (so far music) reviews!!

Here is me reviewing whatever comes in my mind, and just write about it!! So far it's only music albums, but you never know, this might change in the future!! :P Also they are in the order I first tried/experienced/saw/listened to them!! (Because there aren't any reviews so far, just take the albums themselves!! You can make a review on them of your own if you want to, it would be interesting!!)

"Everywhere At The End Of Time" by The Caretaker
"semantic compositions on death and its meaning" by goreshit
"The Onibi Series" by MASA WORKS DESIGN (it's a song series, and not technically an album but eeehhh...)
"Sister's Story" by MASA WORKS DESIGN (also a song series, but who cares??)
"you get the tracks you deserve" by goreshit
"Dogs Used To Eat Me" by DJ Rozwell
"Trauma" by Renard(TW: the album cover is a (drawn) decapitated furry wolf head!!)
"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" by Renard (still that decapitated head, but it's less obvious)
"Largely Unrelated to Trauma Mix Disc" by Renard (this one is fine dw)