My majesty!!

Warning: I mention here violence and abuse of power, so if you aren't okay with that, please go back!!

Disclaimer: I do not condone themes mentioned here under any circumstances, I only want to express the anger I feel!! I am not this type of person mentioned, and I will never be!!

She was just a peasant, a nobody!! All these years, she was... nothing!! But apparently, her life was about to change!! The king recently passed away, leaving his only wish... Her to be the queen!! How weird!! All she did, was to just do her part, and serve him...
The day came!! She wore the crown, and became the queen. Now everyone was at her service!! "Your majesty!!" said a knight "what can we do for you??" She was shocked for a moment, with all that power. "Ehm... I- I don't know, I'm fine!!" she replied "but please, don't call me that, just call me by my name, Violet!!" "Alright, Violet, as you wish!!" he replied.
And honestly, she did her job perfectly!! Everyone was happy, the economy was at ots finest, and there was peace everywhere. Maybe people liked her, and decided to help her by keeping the harmony, who knows...
Everything was going great... Or so she thought!! One day, her kingdom had a war with its neighbours!! They didn't seem to win, at all!! But how?? Everyone was trained so well... In the end they lost!! When she started crying for her loss of soldiers, the enemies told her "Why are you crying, they don't care about you anyways!!" These words seemed to upset her. "Wh- What?? But I treat everyone so well, they should love me!!" "They should!!" they replied "But they only care about themselves, you should do that too!!"
These words sunk deep into her heart!! How could they?? After everything she did... They didn't care about her at all!! How could they, how could they, HOW COULD THEY!! Is this what they wanted?? An enemy?? Then they will get an enemy!!
And everything went downhill!! She started demanding money for her luxuries, she forced the army into giving her land, she abused everyone. None could understand, why she was like this... People were dying in the streets from starvation, anyone who dared to oppose her, was beaten up publicly!! She really lost her mind!!
"Violet, you have many cries for help, everyone os suffering!!" said someone. Violet recognised him. He was that knight from before. "I don't care, AT ALL!!" she said. "They deserve it!!" The knight was shocked "But, Violet, this-!!" "And, DON'T call me Violet, bow down, call me your majesty, I will NEVER, be someone like you!! NEVER!!"
The knight couldn't believe, what he was experiencing. This girl just... changed!! A lot!! He bowed down "But your majesty, I think that if everyone is trying to go against you, it must mean that something is wrong."
That annoyed Violet so much!! "What is this?? Some mediocre advice?? I said, we do as I say!!" "But, your majesty, that's-!!" "That's making them bow down, punching them, kicking them, making them cry for being so selfish!!" "A- Alright, your majesty!!" After that, he headed out.
More time passed, and things were getting worse and worse. She didn't care if anyone starved, she had food for herself. She didn't care if anyone lost their home, she had one herself. She didn't care if they were out there people who were sleeping in the cold, she had warmth herself!!
So what happened you may ask?? Well, in the end, everyone died. When she decided to decapitate the last one, she heard him saying: "I don't know why this is happening, I really wanna know what made our queen so mad!!"
Do they DID care!! That made her snap out of it. She actually had people who cared!! But now it was to late. She started crying in front of the monstrosity she created!! She was that!! A monster!!
There are still rumours that, if you nail to go to that kingdom, you can still hear her crying, the roars of the war, and the screams of the millions...