1 room, 6 Self-Inserts

I decided to do this, because why not?? Well, I must warn you that this will be non serious cringe, so keep that in mind!!

"What do you think they'll think of us??" Petty said. She was about to meet Creator's previous self-inserts, and she was really nervous?? Would everything be alright?? But what of she messed up?? She didn't had much time to think about that, so she opened the door in front of her trying to tell herself that everything would be alright!!
And so did the other self inserts!! Suddenly, they were 7 people in one room!! She couldn't help but notice all the differences!! So different, but so the same!! They all had that signature look that the creator put them, but at the same time... Everyone looked like a different person!!
There was silence for a while!! Then, a girl in a suit decided to break the silence "Shall we begin with the introductions??" She seemed like she was an upper class person, she should probably be respectful to her!!
"Alright, I'll go first" It was the voice of a young girl, dressed in a wolf suit "My name is Night Wolf!!" Well, for a person with wolf ears and tail, it seemed kinda obvious!!
Next, was the girl in the business suit from earlier "Greetings, my name is Eclipse Jane!! It's a pleasure to meet you!!" She said in a serious monotonous voice. She seemed really wise!!
After her, was another girl, similar to the one before her!! Except that this time, dhe was just wearing normal clothes!! "Well, hello everyone, I'm Jane!!" she said while having a big smile.
Then, it was her turn. She didn't know what to say "Oh um, hi!! Well... my name is Pet-" "Her name is Petty!!" said someone behind her!! She was wearing a red and black gown, similar to one that only the greatest queens could wear!! Miss Wannabe!! "Oh, good to know!! Jane said. "Well, what's your name, miss??"
Asking her name was such a bad idea "Oh me?? Oh, I'm the GREATEST, THE STRONGEST, THE MOST PERFECT PERSON EXISTING MISS WANNABE!!
Everyone was awkwardly silent at that moment!! "Well, and I'm Taeka Imeru!! Introductions done, let's say something else!!"

"Alright" said Jane "Let's talk about... OUR LOOKS!! YEAH!! The Creator said that they are parts of who we are, so let's talk about that!! So, Night Wolf, why do you wear a wolf suit??" Night Wolf, seemed pretty happy about that question "Well... I fell in love, with my one and only!! The only person who could get me through the difficulties of life... Cat Noir!! So, I self inserted myself into the miraculous world, and made me be a wolf superhero!! Obviously I love wolves!! Well, it doesn't mean that I don't love Luna though...
"Who's Luna??" Taeka asked, trying to hold in the cringe from that generic wolf name!! "My kwami!!" Night Wolf responded. "Oh, I see..."
Eclipse Jane really empathised with this "I really feel you!! I once saw an episode, where I saw my love... Eclipse Taurus!! I knew that he was evil, but... I left everything for him!! That's why I look like a businessman!! To match his appearance!!"
Night Wolf really understood her "Omg, yes!! I know that he's a monster but... I can fix him!! I'm the one for him!!" "My psychologist says that this is an unhealthy mindset and can lead into toxic relationships!!" Taeka interrupted!! "SHUT UP!!" both of them yelled at her!! "You just don't get it!!"
Night Wolf decided to continue "Yes, I know exactly what you mean!! Especially when- Wait... Who is Eclipse Taurus?? What?? YOU'RE NOT IN LOVE WITH CAT NOIR, HOW COULD YOU?? CAT NOIR IS THE ONE AND ONLY HOW COULD YOU-"
"Hun, Cat Noir at the moment is 14 and I'm almost an adult!!" "Well, I guess you're right... I guess that makes sense..."
Jane stepped in "You see, that's why we are all different, because we are from different phases!! You love Cat Noir, she likes Eclipse Taurus, I love Elfman-" "YOU DO WHAT?? YOU MOVED ON FROM TAURUS??" "YEAG, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT??"
The two of them started fighting!! The 4 remaining, decided to just keep talking "Well, I wanna ask... Are you all from the same phase?? Because normally the Creator does only ONE self insert!! "Well, it's true" Miss Wannabe responded "but we two are a fear response, so... you know!!" "Oh, I'm sorry for that!! So... that's why you are dressed like that?? Petty is a peasant, and you are the queen??" "Yeah, she's the flight, and I'm the fight response!! You know, gotta look threatening!! But please... I'm not a queen!! I'm more than that!! I'm more than a queen, more than any other ruler, MORE THAN THE EMPEROR HIMSELF??" "Well, who's the emperor??" "...Fear!!"
That of course made her start acting weird "You know, I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN I COULD {Miss Wannabe, no!!} RIGHT NOW!!" Petty knew that she had to step in "It's okay Miss Wannabe, calm down, nobody's gonna hurt you..."
While the other two where busy, Night Wolf and Taeka were left alone "Why are you different??" Night Wolf asked "Huh??" "Why are you different than the rest of us?? We all have blue eyes, wavy and long hair... Why are you different??" Miss Wannabe seemed interested in the question as well "Yeah, how so?? I love your look btw!! Black trenchcoat, black boots, red contact lenses, I like it!!" "Oh, huh... I really love Taka... he's like a god to me!! So, I decided to just... look like him!!" Miss Wannabe's face changed in an instant "THIS IS THE WORST LOOK I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, IT'S SO DISGUSTING!!"
Petty decided to see if Jane and Eclipse Jane were still fighting "Are you still mad at each other over fictional crushes??" "No, this time we're fighting about who is the strongest!! Like, really, tell Jane that I'm the strongest!! Like, I'm literally stronger, fasyer, have better reflexes than her, and can teleport!!" "Yeah, but I have the ability to create anything from thin air, I'm the strongest!!" "OH YEAH?? MY WOLF MICROPHONE HAS THE BEST MUSIC ABILITIES OUT THERE!!" "As the latest self insert, I must say that you all are trash, because NOBODY CAN PASS MY REALITY CODE NOTEBOOK!! I'M ABOVE ALL OF YOU!!"
And they started fighting again "You, Taeka, what's your superpower??" "Well, I can go ratata and boom boom boom with some weapons, I guess... You??" "I... don't have a power!! "Oh, yikes!!"
The fight continued. Eventually, it was time to stop "STOOOP!! Please!! Stop fighting!! We can do something better than this?? Who cares about who's the strongest, everyone is different!! And there's no shame in that!! Just, stop fighting" (And everyone ahreed because there's always that moment in the movies, and I started getting bored) "Let's talk about something else!! What about music, what kind of music do you like??"
"Well, I listen to metal!!" "Yeah, no!! Drum and Bass only!!" "Dubstep or Die!!" "You fools, YOU DON'T KNOW THE TRUE POWE OF BREAKCORE!!"
And they started to fight again!! But outside of the door, there was a little child watching them!! The Creator's first self insert!! Bext to her, there was an alicorn, with giant wings, and a super magical horn "Is this how I'm gonna be in the future, Rin??" the child asked "It seems so!!" "Oh... They are so weird... I don't like them!!" "It's okay!!" the alicorn lowered its one wing "How about we fly back to Superland, and fight monsters in ways more weird than all four of them combined??" "Yes, that's a great idea"
While they were fly to Superland, Rin decided to ask "So, what's your opinion on these 6 exactly??" The child answered "They need therapy!!"