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Hello people, welcome to NN, or Neocities News!! I'm your host Miss Wannabe, and I'm with my co-host, bowl with cereals!!
Omg, what am I doing with my life??
So, there's has been this spread of some websites, with some interesting stuff: same style, same tags, and same day of creation!! What's more is that these websites... Never got updated again!!
One smart user though, named idiothaha, decided to investigate, if this incident was made by a bot or if the websites were legit: he stayed in one of his posts that, if the user didn't reply in the next 6 days, it would be assumed that these websites are indeed made, by a bot!! Surprisingly, or not, after a week, the user still hasn't responded...
The case is now considered to be closed, and the investigation is now complete!! If anything interesting happens, we will keep you updated!!
Omg, this was great to do!! Long story short, here I will say stupid stuff, but sounding "PrOfFeSsIoNaL"!! Hope you like it...


Hello everyone!! I just realised that this is the first thing that pops up when someone searches about me, so I decided to introduce myself here!!
So hi, I am Miss Wannabe, creator of this site!! I wanted to make a website, because it seemed like a fun thing to do!! The thing is... Google for some reason, decided to show NN, which is the last thing that I update!! Not only that, it decided to show every page that doesn't go to my main page, like seriously, here is the main page, go there, it's much better!!
And please watch my diary from there, like, come on!!
Not only that, but in the description of the diary, it says about me wanting to be an astrophysicist... Idk why it picked that...
For the future boss at NASA watching this, hi!!
Okay, and a fact, but, who cares about that??
If you click for more, you see about my OCs, which I would appreciate if I don't see them all over the internet!! Please and thank you!!
And lastly, we have a "recording"... Well, just saying that I wasn't feeling well that day, so I wrote it to vent, just ignore it!!
Now, for the pictures... Google shows only two, who show an anime character!! His name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru, he's from a game called Danganronpa, but it's an AU!! The artist is Asobu on Pixiv, so if you like them, please don't download the pictures from here, go there instead!!
Which, btw, if the artist tells me to take them down, I will, that wasn't my intention at all, I really liked them, didn't mean any harm!!
Also, if I sound weird, well... I'm a bit nervous and shy, forgive me on that!! I just didn't expect to see my page on Google...
That was it for now, welcome to all my newcomers, I hope that you'll enjoy your stay... Aaand, yeah!! That was pretty much it!! Until next time!!


Hello everyone, once again!! In this episode of "I must change the background picture", we have ME!! So, two days ago, I wanted to see if my website was at wayback machine!! So I went there, not having my hopes up, and... IT WAS THERE!! One snapshot was there waiting for me!!
Not only that, but it was archived at 21/5, which felt really nice (because that day was very special for me)!!
So now, if my future self wants to cringe at this creation I made... well now she can!! The only problem is that it's not fully archived, so... That sucks!!
I might archive it again, because I want myself to react to this in the future, so, I guess I should download the app...
Well... that's all, I have nothing more to say!! Hope you all have a great day!!