Overlapping realities!!

In this story, our heroine loves to imagine random scenarios!! When she eats specific types of candy (NO, I'm NOT referring to drugs here!!), her imagination goes up to the sky!!
Recently, she ate the candy again, which made her be unable to come back!! She screamed for help, making her mother run into her room. This is what happened next:

"Oh lord, are you okay?? What happened??"
"I was daydreaming, and... I- I... I don't know what happened, I'm scared, I don't like this!!"
"Do you know what caused it?? How did you end up like that, what did you do earlier??"
"I... I was just... I, I ate some candy, and then-!!"
"What, what happened then??"
"I was going through my imagination, and then- I became aggressive, I lost my mind, I felt overwhelming amount of power, and then... Myself started acting on its own!!"
"God bless you are okay!! At least you are here now!!"
"I don't know how to feel... I almost forgot everything that happened!! At one point, it went out of my control, I started moving my hands for no reason, I think that I was showing a plan to someone or something..."
"A plan??"
"Yeah, I don't remember why I showed it!! About making the world insane or something... I don't clearly remember, I don't remember anything!!"
"What could even cause this?? If I try to remember, you said, hmmmmmm... Wait, you said you ate the candy again??"
"Yes, I did... Why??"
"Didn't I tell you that you shouldn't eat it?? Everytime you end up like this, I literally warned you about it!!"
"But it makes me feel better, besides, it never got out of control!! Even if my mind went like crazy, everything was fine!!"
"Yeah, but look at you now!! I told you that they are not good for you, why didn't you listen??"
"But everyone eats them!! Why can't I?? It only happened this time, it won't happen again!!"
"You know that you are lying right?? It will happen again, and you know it!! Also not everyone is the same, some people get affected, some don't!! This isn't an excuse for you to do this to yourself!!"
"But mom-!!"
"If you don't wanna cooperate, I guess that I should take it from you!! I've said what I said, but if you don't want to help yourself, I'm gonna do it myself!!"
"No, please NO!! It's all I have, please DON'T TAKE IT FROM ME!!"
"You need to understand, that I'm doing this for you!! IT'S TIME TO DISTINGUISH REALITY FROM FICTION!!"
"I don't need to, I did it already!! Please, NO!! I WON'T BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING WITHOUT IT!!"
"You can just go out and be with the other kids, and make some friends!! THIS IS NOT NORMAL, UNDERSTAND IT!!"
"MOM, NO!!"

Needless to say, she took her candy!! That made our heroine really sad!! What would she do now, imagining was really hard now, and she didn't have something to trigger it!!
She spent the rest of her day crying and screaming from despair!! She had nothing to do... Just exist!!