WHAT?? You can't do that that's illegal!! Well look at me writing this without a care in the world!!

You know, last year, I made a whole rant against him and... I honestly felt like I treated him too harshly!! So because of that, I wanna write this, to show that I actually like this guy!!
First things first, I must say, his design is actually my FAVOURITE!! Finally someone that hasn't succumbed into the monokumafication of every mastermind out there!! Like, why must every mastermind look like Monokuma?? Look at this!! Pure black!! Simple and sweet!!
Not only that, but the aura that he emits, is the best out of every mastermind version!! This guy won't judge you, nor make fun of you!! He's so Nirvana!! He's so calm, that honestly, everyone should try and learn how to be this calm!!
I just love him so much, I wanna hug him!! Give him a little hug!! Just like Uta hugging My Melody!! I just wanna give him a little headpat!! Who knows, maybe even do what Diego did to Sid in Ice Age!!
I just... You know what, give him a little tap tap to the head!! Give him some love!! Now you may be asking why I had such a sudden change!! Well, you see, unlike the other Takas, he is always nice in my dreams!! He's always so chill, doesn't want to cause a scene... He's just so nice, shouldn't judge him from a few oopsies!!
And the best part is?? Creating these files is one of the best things ever!! I can just do so many things with them, they give me so much inspiration!! I love it!!
Do you wanna play hangman?? Come on it will be fun!! I'll think of a word, and you will try to guess it, it will be so much fun!!
I love him!! I love him so much!!