The I_hate_this_guy library!!

Back in 18/10/2021, I made a file called "I_hate_this_guy.html" that was me being angry at a version of mastermind Taka, for no apparent reason, and just for the laughs!! Some months later though, I decided to make the same file, this time called "I_love_this_guy.html"!! But because my love/hate relationship with him has not ended, and because I wanted to make more rants and appreciation posts about him, I started the "I_hate_this_guy" series!! In this series I'll try to make as many files called "I_hate/love_this_guy" as possible, going through every file type that I can find!! In here, you can find a list of all the files that I have made so far!! Enjoy!!

I_hate_this_guy section
I_hate_this_guy.html (18/10/2021)

I_love_this_guy section
I_love_this_guy.html (21/4/2022)
I_love_this_guy.txt (24/4/2022)