Shithead at his glory!!

Fun fact, I don't hate this guy that much, in fact, I low-key like him... But I saw something that made me go berserk, soooo... Here we are, enjoy the rant with NO CONTEXT WHATSOEVER!! Also no, I do not condone the violence mentioned here!!

I hate him so much!! Those pathetic eyes, with that lame smile... Ugh!! EW!! There's nothing that I hate more right now, than this guy!! The way his looking at me... It makes me FURIOUS!! ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS!! If that guy existed, he would DEFINITELY be that one annoying classmate, THAT GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING, OH MY GOD!!
I hate him so much, that I wanna put my hands around his neck, and chok- Well I can't do that, he likes this!! AAAHH, OH MY GOD, I CAN'T EVEN DO THIIIS!! Well, something else, something else... Well... I'm gonna SLAM HIM TO THE GROUND and BONK HIM WITH A STICK!! Like that monkey in 2001 A Space Odyssey!! Like that!! I wanna just push him down the stairs, and see how long he must slide in order for his ass to get second degree burns!! I want to run up and throw punches at him, the same way Fluttershy threw punches to Pinkie Pie!! Uuuuugggghhhhh, I wanna grab him by his shoulders and shake him violently!! I want him to become a milkshake!! I wanna scream in his face, AAAAAHHH!!
Right now, I'm so mad, that I'm gonna tell you: hate on him!! Hate on him!! Hate on this guy!! Go in the comments and mock him!! I just want collective hate on this guy, he sucks!! "You good??" you may ask!! Well, no, I think I scared my chemistry teacher a bit, and at one moment I slept, and now I woke up, and my eyes are red, and me smiling weirdly from rage while writing makes me look kinda creepy... Good thing you can't see me!!
What's worse?? I COULDN'T HOTLINK THIS!! No, I couldn't!! I COULDN'T HOTLINK THIS!! Like, what?? I had to MANUALLY. UPLOAD THIS. IN MY WEBSITE!! This crap is chilling right now, IN MY WEBSITE!! I feel like he'll become a plague, replacing ALL THE FILES with this picture... I hate EVEN THINKING about it!!
There used to be some text here, but not anymore!! Gotta keep the letter K though!! Such a nice letter, don't you think?? I must say, I like it, it's my favourite letter of the alphabet!!
He sucks so much!! I hate this guy!!