"Oh, hi Petty, how was your day at school??" a soft voice was heard from the the living room... There was of what it seemed to be a woman focused on a project, probably her mother...
"Yes, it was really interesting today, we talked about humans, and what they are!!" she replied enthusiastically!! "Oh really" said her mother "and what did you say??"
Petty now seemed to be a little confused: "Well, we did a conversation... But everyone had their own opinions on them, so we ended up arguing instead..."
Now her mother got really interested: "Aaand... What were everyone's views??" "Weeeeeeellllll... some people said that they are interesting to look at, because their ambition is interesting... Some said that they were really weird, but they were curious to learn more, and some said that they are trash, and a pain in the ass to look at..."
Now the conversation was at its best!! "And who do you think is right??" ".... I... don't know... I never heard about humans before... I heard that they are dangerous and manipulative... And this really confuses me, 'cause I haven't seen many of those... Everyone says that they are two faced!!"
Her mom let out a giggle!! "Listen here Petty, humans are not bad!! In fact, they are magnificent creatures: I've never seen anyone dedicated to their dreams!! You can only see it in them!! And their thinking process, it's incredible!!"
Petty didn't seem satisfied with the answer: "Then, what is it thats makes them special then?? I mean... We are GODS!!"
Her mothe gave her a smile!! "You see, Petty, none can become like us, but they can become close to us!! I mean, look at how they nailed to be different by everyone, and they built their world as they wanted!! They are almost like us!! They can create anything, just like us!! They are like... LITTLE GODS, if you think of it..."
"Little gods..." Petty repeated!! That made her laugh a little... "What a silly phrase!!" she said...