Are you in the need friends?? Do you feel despair that you want it to go away?? Do you wanna spread hope to everyone??

Well guess what!!

Join the hope family, a large family dedicated to spread hope, and defeat all despair!! Together, we can bring a better place for everyone!!

Who are you??

Most people would call us an organisation... But we don't like such formal representations, so you can make one by yourself!!

What is your goal??

Our goal is to completely wipe out any despair in the world, and fill it with hope!! We want everyone to be united, and make this planet a better place!! We are not secretly a cult working for the ultimate despair, trust us!!

Can I trust you??/How can I be sure you're not a cult??

Of course!! One study of 0 people showed that we are super reliable, and trustworthy!!
As for the cult part... That is simply untrue!! Would you say that your hat is a cult?? No!! Therefore, we are not a cult!! People will lie about us, but that's because they are blinded by despair!!

So, have you made up your mind??
It's really easy to join!! Just fill the form below:

Now do us a favor and kill your parents... Kill your parents... Kill your parents... Kill your parents... Kill your parents...

This is me stealing ideas and making a crappier version of them!! I got the idea fromhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8ti6Pq4tANU937BydKgZ7vKf2aH586Z_