Hello... Sunshine!!

"Ah, finally, school is over!! I can go home and chill!!" "Well, guess we can talk more now!!" "You are right!!"
There was a girl and a boy just talking to eachother!! Finally, it was Friday, and school was over!! They could spend the afternoon together, or even the whole day!! What a pleasant thing!!
The girl got in the bus to go home. The boy followed her too!! They were just chilling in the bus, talking:
"So, what are your plans for today??" the boy asked.
"Well, I just really wanna go home, and talk with you!! It's always so nice to be with you!!"
"Well, thank you!!" he replied!! "I mean... we can talk now too, ho ahead!!"
The girl looked around a bit. "So, tell me about your powers!!" she said!!
"Powers??" he replied "No, I don't have powers, what makes you say that?? There are many out there like me!!"
"I mean..." she stopped for a second. "you can do anything!! You can float in midair, and talk to me, read my mind, while being invisible to anyone else!! Isn't that..."
At that moment she suddenly stopped. Her eyes were wide open. She started holding her head. She thought something!!
"You shouldn't have thought that!!" he said "It makes me feel that you deny my existence!!"
The girl finally calmed down. "I'm sorry!!" she said "I just forgot that you are real!!" She focused at her hand. She took some deep breaths, and then she nailed to forget it. I mean, he is real, isn't he!! She can see him!!
The bus stopped. They both left, and went to her home. Really though, doesn't HE have a home?? "Oh my goodness..." said the girl. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't!!" "Hey it's alright!!" he replied.
Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. "Hey, I got an idea!! How about I show you something!!" He grabbed her, and he started walking "Come on, it will be fun!!"
And they started walking. In the beginning, it was just a walk around the house. But then, everything started changing around her!! "Wha-!!" But until she was able to say anything, everything changed completely!! It all turned into a huge room with walls full of lights, lighting different shades of purple. "What is going on, where am I??"
"Remember, when I said that there are others like me?? Well, like I said, I'm not anything special!! I'm just from a different world!!"
The girl got confused: "Different world?? You mean there are other worlds out there??" "Of course!!" he replied "I decided that if I brought you here, you would see that I am real, and that it's not only me!!"
In the middle of the room, there was a giant white button. He walked there and he pressed it.
And then, the purple lights changed. They were now blue, with many screens. Each screen was showing a different world. "You see??" he said "here are all the worlds you can imagine!!"
The girl was really surprised. She only nailed to say "Whoah!!" while staring at the screens. Everything was so weird and abstract!!
He walked in close to her. "Wanna say hi??" he asked. "Yes!!" "Then go to the button, and say it, while pressing it!!"
She walked slowly towards the button. She took a deep breath, and then she pressed it "Hello!!" she said.
And then, the responses started coming "Hello!!" said one "Greetings!!" saind another. Everyone was responding to her. In the end, they all greeted like one: "Hello, sunshine!!"
"Wow!!" she said. "You guys are real!! TRULY real!!"