Meet my OCs


Main Section

Night Wolf

A superhero, in the miraculous universe!! Owner of the wolf miraculous, with the ability to play songs and sing with her microphone!!
Status: Treasured!!

Eclipse Jane

A woman, result of the biodigital experiment, who decided to give all her life away to her work!! Can make the digit screams, and connect herself to the internet!! The universe is on the way to its deletion!!
Status: Treasured Deviant!!


Eclipse Jane's normal counterpart, before the experiment!! A young girl, with creation powers, discovering the world and herself, only to end heartbroken!! Her humanity is questioned!! The universe is on the way to its deletion!!
Status: Treasured Deviant!!

Petty (Erika)

A young girl who got targeted for her family secrets!! Everyone seems to want something from her, but she won't realise from her naivety!! Her memory loss doesn't help the situation!! The universe is made up, based off, some game!!
Status: Protected!!

Miss Wannabe

She is our ruler, and everyone should obey her!! Really close ties with the creator!! Rumored to be a coping mechanism, or a comfort character, yet these rumours seem to be false!!
She doesn't have a universe, she's everything!! Just likes to sit in one for as long as she wishes!! Now she's (with) Tutorial Girl!!
Status: ???

Secondary section

Tutorial Girl

A girl, whose mission is to restore Petty's memory back, and protect her, along with the help of the player!! The universe is made up, based off some game!!
Status: Protector!!

Taeka Imeru

She was such a nice girl, she could do everything she wanted in life!! So much so, that she actually did exactly that!! It was a bad decision...
Status: ???


A knight, willing to help the common folk, and is seen as a hero!! He recently traveled to the enemy's kingdom, in order to restore peace. It is rumoured that she is in love with Petty...
Status: Alive and well