Well, even though I'm in a better place now, I believe that letting out though would help!!
So at the beginning of the month, I felt awful!! I was always stressed, and I couldn't relax, to the point that I had trouble doing basic stuff in my life!!
Now you ask why... Well, just hearing ocer and over how shitty life becomes when this summer will be over is not the best thing you know...
And of course, at one point, I just lost it really bad!! Like, REALLY bad!! I thought that if that's how things work... I'm not doing anything!!
I really wish that I could say exactly what it was, but I might trigger anyone, and this is the internet, I don't know if saying it like that is okay!! So I'll just leave this code to do the rest!! I believe that it sums up what I was thinking and feeling, and what was the thing that I was getting stressed about!!
(I was also hearing it during that time, so yeah!!)
Luckily I had a talk with someone, and it helped me!! I decided to ignore certain things for now, and just relax!! And so far, thimgs are getting better, and I'm glad!!