Attempt at a comfort character repair!!

So here we have 3 of my OCs, trying to "fix" my comfort character, because since last year, he ended up being awful!! Possible cringe, but whatever!!

Taeka Imeru: Hello everyone!! Today is sushi day!! That's kinda cool right?? Well, it would be, if it was actually over, but this thing seems like it's not over yet, and nobody can go another year like this!! So, we're gonna fix it!!
Petty: Taeka and Miss Wannabe have watched a video called "Teddy has an operation", and they said that this would solve sushi day!! Mostly because "oh if that applies to teddybears, why not comfort characters??"!! I... don't know what they're talking about though, because it had gore, and I can't stand gore at all!!
Taeka: Well, we'll just wait until Miss Wannabe brings him, so that we can start with the operation!! Oh, there she is!!
Miss Wannabe: Oh... Ah... I finally got him, oh my gosh, I must say that was kinda difficult!!
Miss Wannabe: Idk what you missed, but this month she drove the creator to the point where she cries when she has to go to sleep, because he messes up her sleeping schedule and causes nightmares!! Also, he attacks people like they own him money and he makes unholy screeches!! He has gone completely feral!! The buddy buddy option isn't available here!!
Taeka: Alright, alright, whatever, get him out, I'm gonna look at the video again for instructions!!
Miss Wannabe: Alright unholy demon, get out!! Get out!! WAIT, WHERE YOU GOING??
Miss Wannabe: Alright, on the bed, on the bed you go!! Alright, what do we do first??
Taeka: Well, the doctor has some bear gas that puts him to sleep, so I gets it's anesthesia!! I have it... But it's the good old needle!! We need to do it the traditional way, but he's shaking and screeching like crazy, we need to make him calm down, otherwise we'll hurt him!!
Miss Wannabe: Alright, Petty give me the encyclopedia!!
Petty: Here!! Why do you want this??
Miss Wannabe: *bonk* There!! Now he has relaxed!! Now do what you must!!
Taeka: ... Okaayy... Done!! Now, what's next... Oh yeah, he shaves the bear!! Okay, Miss Wannabe, start taking his clothes off!!
Miss Wannabe: Why do I have to do the dirty job?? Oh jeez, fine!!
... Guys, idk what that is, but we have a problem!!

Taeka: What is it??
Miss Wannabe: Um... There are things coming out of his chest... They look like cockroach legs, I don't like them!!
Taeka: Well, I guess that that's we gotta cut!! Petty, get the scissors please!!
Petty: Here!!
Taeka: Good!! Now we cut him up!! From what I see the teddybear has a "bonbon layer", so we should find something similar!!
Miss Wannabe: ....... Idk what bonbon layer you're talking about, there are only organs here!!
Petty: Okay, no, I'm sorry, I can't stay here, I'm gonna sit over there, I can't look at this!!
Taeka: Oh okay, no layers, I'm skipping a bit... Okay!! So... We need to check the kidney... Do you see any kidneys??
Miss Wannabe: Yes!! Yes yes yes, I see them!! Ew, they have black crayons!!
Taeka: Good, black crayons!! Okay, so, we need red ones to replace them!! Petty??
Petty: *throws crayons from the distance*
Miss Wannabe: What am I doing with my life?? Here, done!!
Taeka: Okay, good!! Now, do you see a "courage sack"??
Miss Wannabe: Of course I can see it, it's the first thing I saw!! How can I forget it after the creator told me he was flexing it to her last year??
Taeka: .... Okay anyway, open it!! What do you find there?? The doctor found fear!!
Miss Wannabe: Let's see... Okay, I see anger and anxiety!! What should we replace it with??
Taeka: Well, with what it made him a comfort character to begin with, but I can't remember... It's been one year like this, I cannot remember the one month before it... Why was he a comfort character to begin with??
Miss Wannabe: EXACTLY!! Why do we have him as a comfort character, he's so not it!! We did a bad decision!!
Petty: Hey, you both are mean!! Don't you remember?? It was from November when the creator was regressing, and that impacted her, so she searched for one with littlespace criteria!! Someone who would give a safe space, and be calm and emotionally stable!! That's what we are aiming for!!
Taeka: Oh!! So what do we replace these things with!!
Petty: Easy!! Flowers for calmness, and rocks for stability and security!! Here!! *tosses them*
Taeka: Alright... Next is the heart!! What do you see in the heart Miss Wannabe??
Miss Wannabe: Well honestly, I don't think that we should look in the heart, this guy uses more his brain, I doubt that that the case is in the heart!!
Taeka: At least check it!!
Miss Wannabe: Whoah, that's a nice brain!!
Miss Wannabe: Don't yell at me!! SEE?? There's more anxiety here!!
Taeka: Oh fine!! Here, take more flowers... But seriously, check the heart!!
Miss Wannabe: Fine fine!! Oh, okay, you were right, there's a little knife here!!
Taeka: Huh?? That's weird!! Hmmm... A knife... Oh wait I know why!!
Petty: Why??
Taeka: During January, I was so sure that one day, he's gonna snap, and he's gonna snap badly!! And because of that belief, I might have manifested it!! So, we need to replace it with something comforting!!
Petty, what comforts you the most now??
Petty: I really love My Melody now!! She's so cute, I wanna hug her so badly!!
Taeka: Great!! Pass us a My Melody figurine!! *catch* Great!! Here!!
Petty: I say that we make a marshmallow layer??
Taeka: Huh??
Petty: I must say, he's not that sweet as a comfort character!! So, if we give him, a marshmallow layer, he can become more sweet!! I have the materials, we can do it!!
Taeka: Alrighty then!!
Miss Wannabe: ..... Done!!
Teaka: Great!! Let's do the stitches!! Oh my, I'm really hopeful for this, I think that we have done it!! I'm so proud of us!!
Petty: Yaaayyy, all he needs down is to rest, and he'll be fine!!
Miss Wannabe: You hear that you spawn of Satan, you need to rest!!
Taeka: Why are you so mean to him?? No really why?? You're not like this...
Miss Wannabe: .... It's nothing...
Taeka: Come on, tell us!!
Miss Wannabe: No!!
Taeka: Come on come on come on!!
Miss Wannabe: Fine!! I lost in a fight we had, are you happy now??
Miss Wannabe: Shut up and get out!! He must sleep remember??
Petty: I sure now believe that he's gonna be the best comfort character ever!!
Taeka: I sure hope too!! Come on, let's go see what the pthers are doing!!