You shall never know the truth!!


Well, you take time of your day to learn about me, so... fine!! I'll tell you!!
First, I would like you to understand why you wanna know!! You see, you are a human!! A curious one!! But that's ok, because that's how humans work!!
But I guess I should go back to me!! You see, I'm a human too!! So I have human traits too!! What does this mean?? Well, it means that I also have something called "ambition"!!
Ambition makes humans wanting to do something that will make them be remembered!! You know what I mean... So, because of that, I want something to be recognised and remembered!! So... I made this!!

Another factor, is copying someone else's behaviour, another thing that everyone does!! Take yourself for example!! There must be at least a moment in your life when you saw someone and said "Wow, this is so cool, I wanna do this as well!!"!! Maybe it was inspiration, maybe you thought you would fit in, or maybe it's something else!!
So that's the case with me as well!! Saw a couple of videos about some websites, and... Boom!! I immediately took inspiration!!
I hope that this answer helps you satisfy your desire to learn!!