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Aaahh, thank you so much for 80 followers, aaahh!! You make me so happyyyyy (you can tell by the amount of emojis)!! You are all so great, I love you!!
So because of that, I asked you what I should do to celebrate, and you told me to write my website's story, as well as my favourite pages!! So that's exactly what I'm gonna do!! Of course, with that, I'm gonna say some things you didn't know about it, such as: why is this website so pink if it's just a mental illness dump, why is it called miss wannabe, why I chose Neocities, and what inspired me to start!! So, without further ado, let's go!!

So the whole story starts in 10th grade!! In there, our... computer teacher?? Is that how it's called?? (English left the chat, lmao!!) Anyway, that teacher decided to teach us html!! And I honestly don't know why, but I got really hooked!! The whole process looked so cool to me, that I would spend time, in the w3schools editor (that's from where I learned about the website honestly) just doing things, and messing around with the language!! But, in the end, that died down after some months...
That's when I saw ready to glare's video about sickgirl!! (Btw, we love sickgirl here, she's the same person that introduced me to weirdcore, I owe her a lot, she's the reason why 50% of my personality is the personality that it is today!!) And that's when it hit me!! That created the two reasons why I wanted to create a website!! The first one, was because when I saw the video and the website, I just felt like it was pure html, I could sense it!! I now wanted to make my own!! But where?? Well, at the same time I saw that, I also saw her video about Sol Pais' website!! I checked that one as well, and I saw a similarity: the word Neocities!! Neocities!! What is that?? I checked it out: a website hosting platform!! Great!! I now have a place to create the website I wanted!! How cool!!
The second reason though... That was kinda the reason why I was half avoiding writing this!! Both because I couldn't decide where to write it, because I actually didn't have much time these days because I was studying for the exams, and because of avoiding... This!! But oh well, I'd rather just write it instead of keeping for some other time and ruining the mood!! Okay, so... The second reason was again sickgirl!! Her website!! But not the style... It was rather its... contents that inspired me!! "You wanted to shoot up your school??" ...I wanted to kill myself!! But I didn't wanna die as a nobody, I wanted to be heard by at least one person out there, so a diary about my life before it ends sounded a good idea!!

Now I must say, I'm currently fine, don't worry!! I was at my lows for a while, but after September-December everything is going okay!! P helped me, K helped me, I now go to therapy, everything is going okay!! Don't worry, everything is going okay!! Just saying that because I feel guilty of making you sad, and I don't want that!! Come on, take a little pat pat in the head!! :3 Anyway, back to the story!!

So, why wait?? Why not jump right in?? Well, I had this weird obsession with meaningful dates, so I refused to make one, until 1/1/2021!! So I just waited... And waited...
But what should I do while waiting?? I wanted to make one, and I wanted it NOW!! Well, I downloaded a html editor, and started making drafts for my website!! Btw, I still have them, found them a while ago, and I really wanna upload them, I promise I'll do it in the near future!! But anyway, why did I end up with a pink cutesy aesthetic?? Well, let me tell you: that website was not all that pink!! It had some happy pages, yes, but was mostly like sickgirl's and really edgy!! In general, the way I was writing in my diary was fun at the beginning, but after a while it felt forced!! So, that's why I switched to a whole cutesy aesthetic, because it felt less forced!! Besides, it has another type of impact when a person dies without warning, and everything they leave behind is just pink stuff, right?? That's why the first entry I ever wrote was like that, because it was again forced, but this time, it was pink kawaii forced!!
Well, how should we name it?? Did you guess miss wannabe?? Well the answer is no!! The original name was lovestruck!! If you take a look at the code, no image is called "Miss Wannabe"!! It's all called "lovestruck"!! Lovestruck came from the cringey assumption I was in love with Taka!! But nah, I'm just mentally ill and in need of a comfort character, that's all!!
Anyway, lovestruck!! I made the backgrounds, the buttons, everything!! I made my drafts to what they are today, and I made the website, actually in 25/12!! But like I said, there's no "Miss Wannabe" here!! Only "lovestruck"!! Well, where's lovestruck, what happened to it??
Well, one day, it disappeared!! I made another called, you guessed it "miss wannabe"!! But that actually disappeared too!! After that, I decided to email the staff about it, because I didn't have another email, and I wanted a website so badly, and they helped!! I luckily got miss wannabe back, yaaayyy!! And that's why my first entry is actually in 9/1 instead of 1/1!!
Also another fact: the star theme, wasn't meant to be used for what it is used right now!! I was just messing around with the graphics, and I just... made it!! When it was time to use the "dark theme", I didn't want to put a black background, because that was too edgy for me, but pink was not fitting either!! So, I just grabbed it and rolled with it!!
But... Why is it called Miss Wannabe?? Well, many of you know, but Miss Wannabe is a character that I made in response to a repeated nightmare!! My mind was getting so frightened, that my mind was in defence mode!! And for the first time, instead of flight, it chose fight!! So that's how miss wannabe was created!! Though I must say, that Miss Wannabe is not me exactly!! She's me, but not really!! If she was exactlyme, I would sign my diary as her instead of "creator"!! Oh yeah, the description that I wrote in the oc art swap?? That was fake, I made it up!! Miss Wannabe is NOT nice!! She's a mentally unstable villain, that needs to be locked up in a psych ward!! Now I wanna make an explanation to her design actually, so that might happen in the near future!! Well, anyway, because I have a tendency to make my character's names as usernames, so... That's how we ended up here!!
So, here I am with a website!! Now what?? Well, I mostly updated my diary, because that's what I created my website for!! I didn't care if none would see it, I was just doing what I was meant to do!!
And then, one day, I was browsing through the websites, and found emptygod!! Idk why, but I liked it so much, I just left a comment at the guestbook, and... That's how I got my first follower!! (Thank you emptygod, you're awesome!! *bows*) And then it was eam-archives, and then more, and... Here I am today!! I literally love all of you, take a little heart!! (*˘︢˘*).q*β™‘

Now... My favourite pages!! Well, I originally tried to have E N T E R C O D E as my favourite, because it's just so awesome... Though I must say, I think that these days I kinda changed my mind and I like I_hate_this_guy!! I mean, if I wouldn't like it, I wouldn't make it a series!! It's just that it's so funny, me being angry at Taka just because... The reason why I wrote it isn't even there, I just put that picture because I wanted to make clear who I was talking about...
Also, another favourite has to be comfort_character!! You can tell how much I like a page based on how much I update it and change it!! In the beginning it was just about my comfort character, but now it's just it's own thing... It's just it's own dimension!!
Also, lastly, my diary, both the normal one, and the dream one!! It's just fun to write random things that are in your head, just because!! I mean, I like to believe that write there often, so that says something!!

Anyway, thank you again for 80 followers, you guys are awesome, I love every single one of you!! I just really love how we are all here, vibing together, without a care in the world!! I just love you guys, so much, aaahh!! Well, if you made it this far, I guess I'll say again thank you, and give you a little cookie as a reward!! You're awesome!! ^_^ πŸͺ