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Hello!! Welcome to my website!! Want a comfort spot, where you can chill and relax?? You got it!!

Hey, um... I would also like to tell you, that this website is preferred to be viewed on a phone (I saw it on a computer and it was just... trash!!)...
Also, be careful with your sound volume, because some pages may have autoplay (may because I tested it in two different devices, and the results were different...)!!

Anyway, here are some 88x31 buttons, because everyone is making them for some reason...

Made with button
Who am I button
Namida button

Warning: The "Namida" button will open a loud song, with flashing lights on YouTube!!

Here is my button btw:
My button

You can also use some of our services (wanted to sound professional here):
Neocities News
Cool websites

You are stable!!
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